Halloween witch make up and costumes ideas

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Like every year, when Halloween approaches we start wondering what will be the theme for our transformation. Costumes can be purchased, or even self-sewn and crafted from available materials themselves. We have collected examples of the best Halloween witch make up and costumes ideas to help you get ready for the holiday. Get ready for a transformation !

the white red spider web

The character of a sorceress is one of the most popular scary Halloween face painting ideas. Everyone knows the story of Dracula, but there are many other cool real horror stories that can be an inspiration for the best Halloween witch make up and costumes – voodoo, vampires, mummies, etc. Applying the maquillage can be a bit tricky but you can go for a simple or more complex one.

original halloween witch make up ideas eye make up red


What you need are bold strong shades of green, purple, red, black, of course and a steady hand. After all, even if you had the best Halloween witch costume and the most magical broomstick, you still need the perfect wicked witch make up to complete the appearance.

the eyes

Most wicked sorceresses are usually with green skin and you will need a green base for that. If you wanted to go alternative, a white base is suitable and will give you freedom to create your unique scary make up. Use a cosmetic sponge to apply the green base on your face and neck. Make sure your skin is not sensitive and you do not get an allergy reaction. Black pencil, black mascara, dark red lipstick and a few creative ideas – there you go. The gallery below will show you amazing ways to create the best Halloween witch makeup. You can use false eyelashes, beads, etc. Caution-these are really creepy and witchy!

costume hair style


best costumes flying bats

the green black

how to apply

the spider webs spiders

the best gothic black red

the best spider web

purple black

goth eye makeup



the halloween witch black white

the best



hairstyle decoration

face makeup



hairstyle ideas




costumes black red

As much as make up is important you will not be a real wicked witch without the accessories which every self-respecting witch needs. Again – you may go for the classic with a witch hat, a stick, striped stockings, some warts and a crooked nose or you may be alternative and use a purple wig adorned with skulls and fake roses. A few spiders will add the final touch!

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pink wig

Gothic make up is the modern classic. You do not need to go green anymore. A white face created the illusion that you are pale. The lipstick shade is very important. Black, dark purple, bloody red – these would stand out on your white face. Add fake bruises, knife cuts or scars to your face, neck or hands for a greater dramatic effect.

bride frankenstein makeup make up

The best Halloween witch costume should be in accordance with the make up, the hairstyle, the color of the wig. You may go for a simple cloak with large hood, an elaborate vintage costume or even a sexy leather one.

costumes black orange spiders

Dramatic goth eye make up

the best make up vampire theme

costume ideas black lace leather

costume cloak

costume dress hat pumpkin

gothic costumes

costumes make up ideas

costume make up red black hat

halloween witches costumes victorian style

halloween witch costume ideas

costume black green

costume DIY

black purple pointed hat

vampire queen costumecostume

vampire costume ideas dress black red

hblack purple wig


striped top hat



dress hat

dress cloak hood

hair wigs

dress make up gothic

gothic vampireand wig

best scary

best evil queen

best dark queen

best old witch pointed hat

best-Halloween for women

best party

for women

best evil witch

best evil witch

best broom hat

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