Space saving spiral staircase ideas for indoor and outdoor

by Kremy


beautiful spiral staircase wood metal railings

A spiral staircase leading to the second floor is one of the most popular designs for indoor and outdoor. The helicoidal steps are a great way to emphasize the style of the room and create a spectacular accent. They should be matched with the home interior. There are many styles – elegant and luxurious, avant-garde and modern, traditional – there is no limit in the imagination. In addition, these stairways can significantly save space, and because of their high decorative value, they are always at the peak of popularity.

Staircase designs unique spiral staircase glass railings


The compact and space saving design of central ax stairways combine lightness and durability, and at the same time is an original and unique element of the interior. In limited spaces they are a powerful instrument and they can take as little as 1.5 m of space. A great advantage of the spiral staircase is the lower cost, compared to a traditional one.

spectacular spiral staircase wood glass railings

These stairs are both functional and attractive. They are suitable for small rooms with low ceilings as the spiral staircase visually increases the height. They add a dramatic effect with the purity of geometry of lines and curves and quite often becomesa focal point of the room. The structure of a spiral stairs includes a central column, with stairs winding around it from bottom to top. Steps and railings can be made of anything – from wood, glass, steel or stone. As an interior or exterior element, their functionality is undeniable as well as the attractive vision.

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The material for the stairs will define its strength and durability. However, safety should always be of greatest importance and your Number One factor when choosing the type, the material and the design of the stairway. Compact designs usually feature narrower steps so using railings made of hard wood, metal, glass or stainless steel is always advisable as they provide additional support to the people using the staircase.

Modern stainless steel glass steps

Modern wine cellar wood steps

white family room wrought iron

Contemporary space saving

Spiral staircase modern

interior iron modern home living room

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interior decorative stairs wood iron

double interior modern living room

space saving stairs wood

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Modern wood iron

Living room interior decorative wood iron

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Exterior wood ropes

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Contemporary outdoor glass railings

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