Fantastic DIY fall decor ideas to prepare the house for the autumn season

by Kremy

Have a look at these fantastic DIY fall decor ideas as they can be your inspiration for the approaching autumn season. Fall is a special time of the year. We add bright, warm, glowing colors to the interior – red-brown, red-orange, orange-yellow. Gold tones will look very organic as well. A checkered blanket on an armchair, bouquets of yellow leaves on the table, the smell of pumpkin pie, apples in a wicker basket – and the house immediately becomes warmer and more comfortable.

fall decor ideas dry leaves pumpkins candles wreath

Yes, we may feel nostalgic about summer days and warm nights, but fall colors can become a unique backdrop. Nature itself gives us ideas for decorating the house, you just have to notice them and bring them to life. To decorate a house or apartment, you can use not only autumn flowers and leaves, but also fruits, vegetables, berries, cereals, tree fruits and other gifts of nature. This is not only a decor, but also a symbol of material well-being. To add a romantic touch, add candles in glass jars, decorated with charming autumn leaves, arrange a beautiful fall composition on the mantle and all decorations will enliven the interior and give you a good mood.

DIY fall decor ideas – what materials to use?

creative DIY fall decor ideas with natural materials


Nature is the queen of decor, and autumn is the most suitable season for this. What do you need to know to make your own fall decor? Nothing complicated is required for beautiful DIY fall decorations – all the necessary elements literally lie under our feet and it is enough to have a good eye and not be afraid to give free rein to creativity. The main elements of DIY fall decor ideas are, of course, fruits and vegetables, herbs and ears of wheat, colorful leaves and branches with red berries, candles, rugs and blankets. Since fall is associated with harvesting, baskets, old iron jugs and even rubber boots are frequently used in such compositions. Fall home decor has a huge advantage – it does not take any time to decorate at all. You just need to search and collect natural materials like leaves, tree branches, acorns and pinecones, etc. What are the most popular natural materials for fall decorations?


Fall decorating ideas how to use natural materials fruits and vegetables

Pumpkin is the traditional element in many fall decor ideas. This vegetable is beautiful in color, has a long shelf life and works great in terms of shape. Pumpkins are traditionally used not only for fall decorations, but also for Halloween and Thanksgiving. Pumpkins come in a variety of colors and sizes and can be easily spray painted in any color you want.


DIY candleholders from apples and moss fall decor ideas

Apples are as wonderful an interior decoration element as pumpkins. Try to decorate a vase with apples with flowers, put them on a shelf or windowsill with candles, or even use them as candlesticks to decorate an autumn table.


fall decor ideas with fruits and vegetables

Grape, with its rich colors, adds a divine touch to the atmosphere of fall interiors. Grapes are great for harvest-themed fall decors. Grapevines can be used as well as a material for making wreaths.

Branches and berries

fall decorations easy craft ideas homemade decor

Branches of mountain ash, rose hips and other plants with beautiful bright red or yellow berries can be placed in vases or twisted into wreaths and hung on the wall. Dry branches always add an original touch to the decor. They fill the space without drawing much attention to themselves. They can be placed either on a side table or on the floor if you have a vase of the right size.

Tree leaves

cheap DIY fall decor ideas colored leaves in a glass jar

The simplest and most budget-friendly option is a bouquet or a wreath of fall leaves. The wreath can be hung on the front door, in the hallway or in the dining area. You can also use seasonal flowers for a bouquet. And if you add a maple leaf to traditional roses, and rowan to Gerbera daisies, you will get an unusual and stylish bouquet.

Fall flowers

fall bouquet from fresh flowers and colored leaves

Fall flowers come in a huge variety of beautiful colors. Chrysanthemum, Aster, Helenium, Rudbeckia, Dahlias, Dianthus, Physalis, etc. will add not only rich colors but also freshness to your home decoration.

Nuts and pinecones

festive table decorating ideas vase with nuts and tree branches

Chestnuts, acorns, walnuts, pinecones – all these gifts of Nature can be a part of your DIY fall decor ideas. You can use them for compositions and combine them with fresh flowers, vegetables and fruits, you can use them to make lanterns, you can make fall wreaths, etc. An interesting autumn decor for an interior can be created even without combining several elements. Shiny acorns into a tall glass container look spectacular. You can also decorate candlesticks with acorns, without especially focusing on details, because acorns in large quantities themselves are a bright accent in the interior. A basket or decorative bucket with cones on a windowsill or chest of drawers will look fabulous.

Ears of corn and wheat

craft ideas for fall decoration wheat and mini pumpkins

Dried wheat and corn are great fall decorations due to their warm, yellow-golden tones. They can be combined with green leaves, such as eucalyptus, seasonal or wild flowers, or garden flowers.

Onion and garlic braids

onion and garlic braids with herbs and flowers

Onion and garlic braids with herbs and berries can be a spectacular and original fall decoration for your home. You can arrange them on the porch, on the front door or fill baskets and arrange them in the patio.

Gorgeous DIY fall decor ideas to transform the interior of your home

pumpkins autumn leaves candle create warm fall atmosphere

There are many gorgeous DIY fall decor ideas and you can always come up with something of your own, unique and inimitable. What is most interesting, it is almost impossible to over-saturate the interior with fall decorative elements. The good thing about fall home decor is that you can experiment with it in numerous ways. Autumn warm colors and natural textures look appropriate in any interior style and any room: from bathroom to bedroom. Here are some more ideas for you!

Table decorating ideas

small pumpkins on a wooden board table decorating ideas

Autumn is harvest time. Fill a beautiful bowl with apples and the house will be filled with pleasant aroma and bright colors. Arrange glass containers on the dining table and fill them with acorns that you collected in the forest. You can even paint them in gold. Place colorful tree leaves in a vase to add splendid fall colors to your interior.


textile as fall decoration blanket pillows

Nothing can help you create a cozy atmosphere like decorative pillows, blankets and bedspreads. Buy a warm wool blanket and some brightly colored pillows. Textiles will not only transform your home, but also warm you on an autumn evening. Choose textile in colors that match the climate of that time of year. Look for warm browns, various shades of caramel and yellow, add some soft greens and some white accents. The whole composition will have a natural and warm character so your home will have a cozy atmosphere.

Straw or rattan baskets

fall decor ideas porch stone fireplace coffee table

To make the house even cozier and warm, straw or rattan baskets will be an excellent addition to the decor. Their add a homey, rustic touch to the interior, which is very cozy after all. Baskets and jewelry boxes can be used as additional storage for a variety of household items, but they can also work as elegant flower pots.

Candles and garlands

quick and easy craft ideas fall decoration photo frame and leaves

Candles are good at any time of the year, and fall is no exception. You can combine white with orange, burgundy, dark blue. You can also make a gorgeous autumn decor yourself from ordinary glass jars and autumn leaves. The backlit glass will provide soft, eye-pleasing light filtered through the foliage. If you add a variety of garlands to this decorative lighting set, then this fall you will be able to create a truly warm and cozy atmosphere in your apartment. Garlands made of multi-colored leaves, spices, dried citrus slices look especially beautiful.

Pleasant aromas

easy DIY table decorating ideas tray with candles

Don’t forget about the scents. At this time of year, you usually want something denser and more intense. Try compositions with notes of cinnamon, vanilla, apples, coffee and chocolate. These scents will add to the cozy atmosphere of the room.


quick fall decor ideas for the living room lanterns candles tree leaves

adorable fall decoration ideas easy DIY decorations

quick and easy rustic fall decor ideas hay and pumpkins

quick and easy fall decorations garlands from leaves

modern fall home decor inspirational ideas fireplace mantle

living room decor ideas homemade fall table centerpiece with candles

front door fall decor ideas garlands wreath colored leaves

front door decorating ideas DIY fall pinecone wreath

fall decor ideas table setting bouquets in vases

easy fall decoration ideas for your home

easy craft ideas DIY garlands from leaves and pinecones

easy budget friendy fall decor ideas photo frames

DIY kitchen fall decor ideas glass containers with candles

DIY fall decor ideas seasonal decorations

DIY fall decor ideas pumpkin and candle with berries fall leaves

DIY fall decor ideas natural materials pinecones

cheap and easy fall decorating ideas tree branches in vases

Beautiful DIY fall decor ideas wreath decorated with leaves

acorn craft ideas DIY mini candles

tiered plate with fall decorations scarecrow mini pumpkins

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