How to wear loafers? 7 different styles to make you look like your favorite celebrities!

by Gabby

Vintage fashion is here, and we love it! Yes! Many of the past trends are making a huge comeback this year. The star of the day are loafers. Chunky, flat, leather, horsebit, platform or healed they go with everything, and they give you this sophisticated, smart and chic look. I remember my mom coming to pick me up from pre school in the 90’s, wearing loafers with a silk dress, looking stunning and all I could think about is how I am going to wear these loafers one day. A few days ago, I bought my own pair, and I cannot stop wearing them. Let’s see how to style them for all of our favorite fall looks.

How to wear loafers? Let’s see 7 different styles!

autumn style prada loafers hailer bieber

Big designers, like Prada, made a huge impact with their Prada loafers this year. We see our style icon Hailey Bieber rocking them in many ways and looking gorgeous. We see her match them with an oversized sweater and a green bag for a pop of color, also the white socks in this combination are such a statement peace. She wore them with a leather trench coat, which is also one of the trendiest fashion pieces right now. Gucci also introduced the Jordaan loafers, which are more on the elegant side. What about the Chanel Pre-loved leather loafers? Romantic, retro and vintage! Those are just a few of the big brands that made our love for those shoes even bigger.

How to wear chunky loafers and look unforgettable ?

how to wear loafers chunky hailey bieber trends fashion


Out of all the loafers, the chunky kind is my personal favorite. It is definitely going to give you this retro, grunge vibes, without making you look like you are trying hard. How to style them? Grab your black blazers and a pair of your preferred autumn jeans and you have yourself an everyday look. If you want to make them chunkies look more sophisticated, pair them with black pants, or a silk skirt and an oversized sweater. If you are going to pair them with a skirt or a silk dress, do not forget the socks! It is so chic, so classy, so elegant that everyone on the street will turn their heads and stare as you walk. I think when it comes to loafers, it is essential to try styling them with those girly white ruffled socks, or just the regular classic white long white socks. We even saw people wearing those long see-trough black socks, that Hailey Bieber turned into a huge trend. And guess what? She wore them with chunky loafers!

How to wear loafers with this fall statement piece – the trench coat?

woman loafers with a trench coat trendy fashion

Trench coats are a must-have for this fall season. We were seeing it almost everywhere in the autumn fashion tendencies the past years, however this year the impact of the trench is even bigger. Our favorite Instagram models are wearing them with pretty much everything. The best part is that, you can pair it with your favorite loafers and you will look stylish. Nothing beats this clean autumn look! At first, it is very minimalistic, but this kind of outfits make you look the most expensive.

Wear loafers with a skirt for a modern, chic look

skirt with loafers trendy

Skirts are something that most of us love to wear all year around. During Fall time, we normally wear pants because the weather is getting more chilly, however let’s not forget what a good pair of tights can do. A skirt, with your favorite type of tights, a shirt and a black blazer… Loafers are the only missing piece to complete this stunning look. If you are running down some errands, just grabbing coffee, or you have a business downtown, this style will not disappoint!

How to wear loafers with a pop of color like Hailey?

hailey bieber fashion icon laofers green blazer

Of course, we want to wear whatever Hailey Bieber is wearing. We see many girls trying to mix the classics with a pop of color, or something vintage with something modern. In this case, try wearing something with color as your main piece, and pair them with platform moccasins. What will make your style even more eye-catching? Wear a simple, trendy black mini bag.

Trendiest striped sweater paired with classic loafers

trendiest sweater autumn loafers jeans style

Striped sweaters are making a huge boom in fashion industries. People wear them tied over their blazer or trench coats. Some of us girls prefer the classic but modern way, jeans, striped sweater and loafers. If you want to try a different approach, I would suggest, loafers, a lined knit jumper, and a woman’s suit. The shoes and knitwear will make the outfit more casual, however trendy!

Loafers with a dress, stunning and edgy

loafers with a dress classy ideas trendy

Very popular among fashion trends during this time are the oversized shoes, the chunkier, the better. But to wear them with a dress? Stunning decision! A slip dress with a pair of loafers is going to give you a bit of a carefree aesthetic. Elegant, but laid-back! You can make it your work outfit, if you put on a cardigan, or even a hoodie on top. If you want to make the look dressy, just add your good old friend the black blazer. I would rate this style as ultra-femenine and retro!

Wear loafers like Kendall Jenner

how to wear loafers like kendall jenner fashion icon trendy

Kendall Jenner is easily one of our favorites, if not our favorite city girl. Her style is always simple, however it is always edgy and fashionable and becomes a trend really quick. She is no doubt one of the fashionistas that we look up to when we want to come up with something nice to wear. This is one of my top looks of her with those chunky loafers, combined with a black pair of pants and a small knit thank top, which puts the whole outfit together. The shoes here make her look very effortless, but gorgeous!

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