Which Is the Best Makeup for Older Women? Dos & Don’ts

by Kristiyana

What kind of makeup should an older woman wear? Which are the biggest makeup mistakes that can age you? What professional makeup artists want you to know regarding the best makeup for older women and how to do it yourself.

Which Is the Best Makeup for Older Women? Dos & Don’ts

best makeup for older women simple makeup for older ladies

You might think that after you reach a certain age like 50 or beyond you should stop wearing makeup every day as it might be deemed not age-appropriate or unflattering. But that is not the case, my dears. Luckily for us, we’ve finally reached a moment in time when the fashion industry has started to celebrate women of older ages, providing them with many amazing products to experiment with. However, when it comes to makeup for older women, there are some mistakes that you should look out for if you don’t want to look older than you are. Which are they? How to do your makeup, so you can flatter your mature skin? Find out now.

Step 1: Skincare Prep Before Applying Makeup for Older Women

skincare routine for mature skin makeup routine for older women


Before you begin to apply your makeup for maturing skin, it is absolutely essential to start with a clean and hydrated base. That meaning, that your skin should be properly prepped by engaging in a regular and dedicated skin care routine – cleansing, moisturizing, and exfoliating. Take a tip from me, double cleansing is a total game changer. First you have to use an oil-based cleanser, and then a water-based one. This will remove stubborn impurities from your face, giving you a clean and glowing base for your makeup. Proceed with applying a lightweight moisturizer. After it has dried, you can target your fine lines or dry patches with a primer to smooth them out.

Step 2: How to Apply Foundation and Concealer When You Are Older?

biggest makeup mistakes to avoid when older makeup mistakes for older women to avoid

How to hide your wrinkles? One of the most common mistakes that a lot of older women make is trying to overcorrect the appearance of wrinkles by applying too much foundation or concealer. This will only make you look older than you really are. You can never fully hide them, so at least avoid drawing more attention to such areas. Instead, to even out your skin tone, apply a sheer, hydrating foundation formula to your skin with the help of a moist sponge. For hyperpigmented areas, use a lightweight creamy concealer that blends easily. One concealer hack for dark circles you can try is to use a colour-corrector in colours like peach, orange or yellow. Such will cancel out any dark pigmentation.

Extra tip: When you are choosing a foundation or concealer, make sure you go for a shade or two warmer than your natural skin tone so that it does not leave your skin looking washed out. Also, make sure you blend in your foundation with a brush around the neck so that it doesn’t look obvious.

Step 3: Flatter Your Mature Skin with the Right Shade of Blush

what kind of makeup should an older woman wear how should an older woman apply makeup

When it comes to the best makeup for older women, you should never forget your blush. The right shade of blush can be extremely flattering, especially for older women with gray hair. One mistake a lot of mature ladies often make is continuing to apply their blush like they are still in their 20s or 30s. Smiling while you apply it is not as effective as it once was. But how to do it then? Instead of adding it to your cheeks and apples, apply blush to the top of your cheekbones and blend inwards. This will sculpt and lift your face. As for colours, opt for a shade deeper than your natural skin tone. A warm pink or peach hue would be a great choice. You can also apply a setting powder for a nice finish.

Step 4: How to Do Eye Makeup for Older Women to Look Younger?

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How to do your eye makeup over 40 or older? You will want to make your eyes look as bigger as possible – this will enhance your youthful appearance. The first step would be to curl your lashes with a curler. Proceed to applying a mascara. One mistake you should avoid is using a thick formula. With age, our eyelashes tend to become thinner and more brittle. Applying a thick layer of mascara will give you clumpy lashes, which will only make you look older. Instead, opt for a hydrating formula that nourishes maturing lashes. After, proceed to apply a liner. Use a shade like coffee black or navy blue. Avoid stark black shades. How to apply eyeshadow for mature skin? Take a small eye brush and apply the shadow by starting from the outer corner of your eye, working inwards to gradually lighten the colour. This will result in a bigger, wide-eyed look.

Step 5: Simple Makeup for Older Ladies with Thinning Brows

how to fill in your brows how to apply makeup for mature skin

As you age, you will notice that your eyebrows have become thinner, and you have lost some hairs. Prioritizing your brow hairs is key for looking younger after a certain age. Avoid tweezing and trimming them, but instead use growth formulas to enhance their healthy and natural appearance. To fill in arches, apply featherlight hair-like strokes with a brow pencil. Choose one in a soft shade that will nicely blend in with your skin tone. A warm brown or dark taupe is a good choice. Finish your brow makeup by brushing them out with a spoolie for a sharp look.

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Step 6: How to Choose the Best Lip Colours for Ageing Skin?

lipstick color to avoid to look older lipstick to look younger

It often happens that as you get older, your lips can come to be asymmetrical. This will result in looking older than you are. How to correct this? Balance out your mouth with the help of a lip pencil in a shade slightly darker than that of your lips. Make sure it’s a formula that easily glides on. To create symmetry, draw on four separate strokes, starting from each of the four corners of the mouth and drawing towards the Cupid’s bow. This will balance out your lips. Now the questions is which colour lipstick to avoid and which to use if you want to look younger? You can surely wear any shade you want, but softer and more natural ones like soft pinks, corals and nudes will better blend in with your ageing skin. Sorry to say this, but bold reds can come to bring more attention to your wrinkles and fine lines. Apply your chosen shade of lipstick in the same manner as the lip pencil, and slightly diffuse the edges for a softer look.

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