Best Concealer Hacks Over 50 to Hide 5 to 10 Years from Your Age!

by Kristiyana

Have you been using the same makeup routine since your 20s? Think maybe it’s high time you updated it, so it can fit better with your mature skin? The right makeup routine for your age can make a huge difference with your appearance. Using techniques that have long been outdated, or just don’t work any more for your over-50-skin, can create an unflattering look that can even age you more. How to avoid this? Today, here at we are going to offer you with some amazing concealer hacks over 50 for properly hiding those annoying dark circles, so you can look younger. Are you interested?

Best Concealer Hacks Over 50 to Look Younger

how do you apply concealer over 50

There are many parts to a great makeup routine for a woman over 50 like which lipstick colour to avoid if you don’t want to look older, or how to apply eye makeup without overdoing it. However, a lot of beauty experts can agree that using a quality concealer for mature skin and applying it the right way comes to be an essential component of looking your best. Using concealer without the necessary skin preparation can result in caking and creasing, and we don’t want that now, do we? Keep on reading to discover the best concealer hacks over 50, so you can look your best!

Preparing Your Skin Before Applying Concealer

Every good thing starts with the proper preparation. That’s why it’s important that before you go on and apply your concealer, you’ve deeply moisturized your skin. On the market, you can find many quality moisturizers for dry skin that are also affordable. However, when it comes to the skin under your eyes which is the most sensitive part of your face, the best option would be to moisturize it with the help of a good eye cream. You just have to use a drop of the cream for your under-eye area and spread it lightly with your ring finger.

How to Hide the Dark Circles Under Your Eyes Over 50?

Unfortunately, often the under-eye bags on your face are accompanied by having a bluish or purple colour. This can result in making you look older and more tired. How to fix it? You can apply a colour-corrector! Using a colour-corrector to cover the dark circles under your eyes can make your concealer makeup more effective. Opt for shades in sunny colours like peach, orange or yellow. These will cancel out any dark pigmentation. How to apply it? Swipe the colour-correcting formula over your dark circles in the shape of a “V” and blend it into your under-eye area with a concealer brush.

Concealer Hacks Over 50 for Contouring Under-eye Bags

Do you want to learn a cool concealer hack for how to contour your under-eye bags, so you can lift your skin? Choose a balm concealer with a stiffer or thicker formula that is two or three shades lighter than your natural skin tone. Here’s how to apply it: Place the concealer only at the bottom of your under-eye bags. You are probably wondering why under them and not over? Well, that’s because with this trick you create the illusion of skin lift, sort of like how you contour your cheekbones. By applying your concealer this way, you create the illusion of a lifting effect for the surrounding skin, which helps with ballooned creases.

How Do You Apply Concealer After 50?

Now that you’ve gone through all the other steps, let’s add that last layer of concealer! Take another creamy liquid concealer that has a colour closer to your skin tone. Apply it by drawing an inverted triangle where your eyebags are, with the point ending midway down your cheeks. Then wait for at least 10 sec until the formula gets tacky. After, lightly tap and blend the concealer by using your ring finger. You can stop when you can no longer see where the concealer starts and stops.

How Do You Keep Concealer from Creasing on Older Skin?

If you are over 50 and have oily skin, you might have an issue with your concealer creasing. Want to learn a hack on how to avoid this? Apply a light layer of translucent powder over your concealer by using a brush or sponge. Instead of dusting it on, “stamp” the powder into your skin to prevent streaking. This technique will help to create a smoother appearance for your eye bags and keep your concealer from ever creasing again!

concealer hacks over 50


I hope you found this information useful, and our now looking at more hydrated and smoother skin under your eyes. By including these concealer hacks over 50 in your makeup routine, you can be sure that you will look younger, well-rested and more beautiful. As most of you know it by now, 50 is the new 30, am I right?

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