Which Are the Best Eyebrow Shapes Over 60 to Look Younger?

by Kristiyana

In order to cheat away a few years, women of a certain age use a variety of tricks and hacks. Which eyebrow shapes make you look younger over 60, and how do you determine the perfect eyebrows for your face shape?

which eyebrow shapes over 60 eyebrow shapes for older women

Eyebrows are without a doubt one of the most important and at the same time most underestimated features of our face. They give our face more contour and proportion, and currently, the eyebrow trends for 2023 are more versatile than ever before! Thin, bushy, or straight – the right eyebrow shapes over 60 are a real secret weapon in our beauty arsenal that can actually make us look younger and more beautiful.

These Eyebrow Shapes Over 60 Will Make You Look Younger

straight brows plucking instructions


Similar to a few ingenious make-up tricks, the right eyebrow shape can ensure a youthful and fresh look over 60 and has a huge influence on our external appearance. Our brows not only emphasize our eyes, but can also change the shape of our face.

which eyebrow shape over 60 eyes makeup tips elderly women

If you want to look a few years younger, the best way to achieve this effect is logically with your face. Forget dramatically arched eyebrows – when it comes to the perfect eyebrow shapes over 60, the magic word is “straight brows”.

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straight brows beauty trend 2023

No arches and curves – straight eyebrows look much more natural and flattering and give a softer touch to our face. Very important – to achieve the most even look possible, always follow your natural brow shape. If you already have small gaps in your brows or if they have become thinner over the years, fill them in very gently just in the upper area with a brow pencil.

Plucking Eyebrows Straight: How to Do It Right?

eyebrows tips which eyebrow shapes over 60

Plucking straight eyebrows is actually a lot easier than you think. However, if you have always had thin, curved brows, you need to let them grow first.

genius makeup hacks elder ladies what eyebrow shapes over 60

And here is a short guide on how to achieve straight brows:

  1. To get the straight eyebrow shape, first pluck the hairs at the end of the brows that form the curve.
  2. Next, you need to fill in the gaps between the hairs with an eyebrow pencil. To achieve the most natural look possible, use a colour that is closest to your eyebrow colour.
  3. When it comes to eyebrow shapes over 60, the choice of colour is actually of utmost importance. Black and gray look too rough and make you look older. Warm brown tones are more suitable for you and will make your facial features appear softer. Make sure that the colour is not too strong and does not contain any red particles.

Further instructions: pibuu

Which Eyebrow Shapes Over 60 are Best for Droopy Eyelids?

makeup tips older women which eyebrow shapes over 60

Droopy eyelids are no longer uncommon after a certain age, and almost every woman develops sagging skin above the eye area over time. In this case, surgery is by no means necessary, because fortunately there are lots of make-up tricks that can help us conceal droopy eyelids. The right eyebrow shapes over the age of 60 can also enhance this lifting effect and open up the eyes significantly.

what eyebrow shape over 60 genius makeup hacks for older women

To do this, shape your brows into a flatter arch and let the curve gently slope downwards. To increase the distance between the eyebrows and the eyelid, do not pluck too much from the top of the brow. Here’s a little insider tip from us – brush the hairs slightly upwards with a fixing eyebrow gel.

The Eyebrows Shape According to Personal Face Shape

makeup mistakes that make you look older what eyebrow shapes over 60

Like everything else in the beauty world, eyebrows are not one size fits all, and there is no one eyebrow shape that suits all women perfectly. Just as some hair colours make you older, the right eyebrow shapes can work wonders over 60 and make us look 5 years younger.

eyebrow shapes according to face shape which eyebrow shapes over 60

Determining eyebrows for your face shape: goodhousekeeping

So if you want to cheat away a few years, you should pluck your eyebrows to match the shape of your face. And with our very simple instructions, this is really child’s play.

makeup mistakes that make you look older

  1. Take an eyebrow pencil, place it vertically on the side of your nose and hold it straight up towards your eyebrows. Paint a small line along the inside of the pencil – where the eyebrow and the pencil intersect.
  2. You determine the highest point of the eyebrows by holding the brow pencil diagonally from the side of the nose along the outside of the pupil to the eyebrow. Also mark this point with a small line.
  3. Finally, we determine the end point of the eyebrows. Hold the pencil along the side of the nose and along the outer edge of the eyes. Where the eyebrow and the pencil intersect is where your eyebrows should end. Make a small line on the inside of the pen.
  4. To shape your eyebrows, you should then pluck any hairs that are outside the markings.

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