Halloween Tattoos 2023: Spooky Ideas for The Ink Lovers

by Gabby

Have you actually thought about what Halloween means to most people? Some of us love the pumpkin decorations, others love the cookies during the Spooky season, but… There are some people who are really in love with this holiday and celebrate in all sorts of ways. And some even try to commemorate their favorite Halloween holiday with a themed tattoo. What are the best Halloween tattoos in 2023? What are the spooky tattoo designs that are perfect for the 31st of October?

Halloween Tattoos 2023: Spooky Ideas for The Ink Lovers

halloween tattoos with a cat black and orange colorful

And have you been looking forward to this day all year? Thinking and making plans because you just adore everything Halloween related? Some of us even go so far as to get tattoos of our favorite characters, symbols or all sorts of motifs related to the Spooky holiday. Let’s not forget that according to the lunar calendar, this night is considered one of the most spiritually powerful. Is it a good idea to get a tattoo? If you think you can dedicate a part of your body to Halloween, then you don’t have to wait any longer, and it’s time to book an appointment. The only thing we can advise is to choose a tattoo that will look good all year round and won’t get boring quickly. Now, let’s not waste any more time and see some of the coolest designs!

Colorful Halloween Tattoo

colorful big halloween tattoo for the leg


I don’t know if this will surprise you, but most Halloween tattoos this year will be very colorful and very bright. More and more tattoo artists are betting on beautiful pictures to depict through tattoo and show their creativity. That’s why our first offer is so great and with lots of colors. Haunted houses are definitely one of the brightest Halloween symbols and if you’re a fan, why not get one tattooed on your leg?

Matching Halloween Tattoos

cute matching halloween tattoo with ghosts

Yes, ghosts are one of the most obvious tattoo choices when it comes to Halloween. If your idea is also for some cute tattoo with your best friend, boyfriend, brother or sister, then I think we have picked one of the cutest options. If you want, you can even make the ghosts even smaller for a minimalistic tattoo look. If you are feeling bolder, you can add a bit of color to the tattoo and customize it. There are so many ways you can approach the matching ghost tattoo, which makes it versatile.

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Simple Halloween Arm Tattoo with Bats

halloween arm tattoos with bats simple

We don’t recommend doing a full sleeve just dedicated to Halloween, especially if this is your first tattoo. Instead, aim for something that can be a part of a full sleeve if you decide to continue with the tattoo later on. These bats are the ideal choice, since they can be turned into pretty much anything or you can simply leave them as they are. You can make the same bat tattoo on your back, leg, forearm, or wrists. I would recommend adding a bit of spiderweb, or some orange elements if you want something more colorful. We should also mention that bats are considered as a symbol of rebirth, happiness, and intuition.

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Cat Ghost and a Pumpkin Halloween Tattoo

leg halloween tattoo for women with cat ghost pumpkin

The animal that we associate with witches and all spooky things are definitely black cats. But doing a black cat as your next tattoo doesn’t seem to scream Halloween enough! Yes, they are very intelligent animals and especially the black cat can bring you lots of luck. But, we highly recommend adding more to the tattoo and customize it to make it your own. Add a pumpkin or make the cat look like a ghost! That idea is really creative and spooky at the same time! For more ideas, go ahead and check out our gallery with Halloween tattoos for every taste!

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Halloween Tattoo Ideas 2023

colorful tattoo for women halloween orange

Magic Potion with Bats: Halloween Tattoo

magic potion halloween tattoo

Cute Colorful Ghost Halloween Tattoo for Women

cute ghost halloween tattoo for women

Mummy Sphynx Cat Halloween Tattoo

mummy cat halloween tattoo

Colorful Forearm Halloween Tattoo with Frankenstein “The Lovers”

colorful halloween tattoo for the arm with frankestein 2023

Colorful Pumpkin Haunted House Tattoo for Men

big colorful sleeve tattoo for halloween

Small Halloween Tattoo for Women

cute small halloween tattoo for the fall season

Ghost Drinking Tea: Cute Small Halloween Tattoo for Women

ghost drinking a tea halloween tattoos for women

Tiny Halloween Arm Tattoo for Women: Pumpkin Robot and a Cat

pumpkin robot and a cat halloween tattoo

A Ghost Holding a Black Cat: Small Halloween Tattoo Ideas 2023

ghost holding a black cat halloween tattoo

Black Cat Halloween Tattoo

black cat halloween tattoo

Pumpkin Girl with Bats Halloween Tattoo Idea

pumpkin girl halloween tattoo

Big Halloween Tattoo for Men with a Lot of Details

forearm halloween tattoo with a pumpkin

Witch’s Broom Halloween Tattoo

halloween tattoo half moon and witches broom

Two Pumpkins in a Spiderweb Halloween Tattoo

pumpkins halloween tattoo spider web

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