What Is the Medusa Tattoo Meaning? All You Need to Know + 20 Astonishing Designs

by Kristiyana

What is the Medusa trend on TikTok? Why are women and men getting this tattoo? All about the symbolic medusa tattoo meaning, plus 20 astonishing designs to choose from for your next trip to the tattoo salon! 

What Is the Symbolic Medusa Tattoo Meaning?

medusa tattoo black and white medusa tattoo arm

If you are one to scroll through TikTok religiously, then you must have caught a glimpse of one, two or even more videos featuring the popular medusa tattoo design. A lot of women and men have chosen the image of the famous Gorgon from Greek mythology to be inked upon their bodies, but what does it stand for? What does the portrayal of this mythological character mean when it’s worn as a tattoo? Let’s dive in and learn.

The Greek Myth of the Once Beautiful Medusa

medusa myth medusa gorgona


To best explain what is the meaning behind the trendy medusa tattoo, first we have to do a little bit of storytelling. Medusa was once a beautiful mortal, so beautiful that the sea god Poseidon became obsessed with her and tried to seduce her. Medusa refused him, but this didn’t stop Poseidon, and he raped her in Athena’s ancient temple. This infuriated the goddess, so she cursed Medusa with the famous head of snakes, which we’re most familiar which. But why then would so many people choose to wear this monstrous image? And why did Athena’s wrath turn on Medusa and not Poseidon?

Why Do Females Get Medusa Tattoos?

As Medusa was turned into a monster for being unjustifiably blamed for the consequences of male lust, her tattoo portrayal has been chosen by women who have been victims of sexual assault. Medusa has come to be recognized as a symbol of bravery, and standing against the forces of evil and that which can harm you. The tattoo can be used a symbol of divine feminine energy, and some women even wear it to signify their femme fatale character.

Medusa Tattoo Designs for Your Next Ink Art

medusa tattoo hand medusa tattoo meaning on a woman

It’s always best to know about the meaning of a tattoo before you get one, just so you don’t end up like the women with the upside down pineapple tattoo meaning situation. Now that you are informed of the powerful symbolism behind the Medusa tattoo, let’s look at some amazing designs for your next trip to the tattoo salon. Who’s with me?

Realistic Medusa Tattoo Design

realistic medusa tattoo medusa tattoo realistic design

If you are a fan of realistic tattoo designs as opposed to more classic ink art, this Medusa bicep tattoo will certainly make you stand out. The design will give you a lot of looks, and is suitable for both men and women.

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Colourful Medusa Tattoo Ink Art

colourful medusa tattoo medusa tattoo arm

For something with a bit more colour, try this beautiful black, white and ocean blue Medusa ink art to cover your whole arm. This shade of blue gives your tattoo design a touch of magic and further emphasizes its detailed features.

Medusa Tattoo Meaning on Women’s Thigh

why do females get medusa tattoos medusa tattoo tiktok

Getting the Medusa tattoo on your thigh as a woman can be your way of showing that you are not a force to be reckoned with. If anyone wants to come close to you, they would have to get through your fearless head of snakes. Yikes!

Medusa Chest Tattoo Design for Men

medusa tattoo meaning for male medusa tattoo chest men

A lot of men also choose Medusa’s image as a tattoo. If you are a guy looking to get his first tattoo, a small portrayal of the Gorgon can be tattooed upon your chest. This can be the symbol to remind you of your inner strength and will to overcome anything.

Black and Gold Medusa Tattoo Art

medusa tattoo meaning medusa tattoo thigh

This is one of my favourites! If you want a Medusa tattoo design that will really stand out, opt for this black and gold tattoo art on your thigh. Part of Medusa’s face has been preserved as she once was – beautiful, unharmed and pure, and so is in gold, while the other is black, calling to her turning into something to be seen as evil and dangerous.

More Medusa Tattoo Designs for Your Next Ink Art

medusa tattoo meaning for male medusa tattoo back female

Delicate Medusa tattoo for your leg

medusa tattoo ankle medusa tattoo for female

Grunge Medusa tattoo for men

medusa tattoo meaning for female medusa tattoo meaning symbolic

Fine line Medusa tattoo portrait

medusa tattoo fine line fine line tattoos

Medusa tarot card tattoo for your back

 what does a medusa tattoo mean for a guy medusa tattoo tarot card

Broken Medusa bust arm tattoo

medusa tattoo design medusa tattoo meaning for male

Medusa back tattoo for men & women

medusa tattoo men back medusa tattoo meaning for male

Femme fatale symbol for your thigh

medusa tattoo thigh medusa tattoo female

Medusa crying blood tattoo for women & men

medusa tattoo meaning medusa tattoo design 2023

Head of Medusa leg tattoo

medusa tattoo leg medusa tattoo meaning men and women

Simple Medusa tattoo design 

medusa tattoo designs medusa tattoo

A symbol of divine feminine energy & power

medusa tatto design for women medusa tattoo meaning for female

The two sides of the Gorgon

medusa tattoo meaning men medusa tattoo design


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