Almond Shaped Nails: 2023 The Pre-Fall Trends That You Should Try!

by Gabby

Ever since I got square shaped nails, I miss the almond shape more than ever… It is certainly the one that looks elegant and chic! So, what are the pre-fall almond shaped nails trends? What design should you adapt next? What are the colors to try out?

Almond Shaped Nails: 2023 The Pre-Fall Trends That You Should Try!

fall nails 2023 almond shaped trends ideas

If you’re wondering why we’re focusing on almond shaped nails in today’s post, wonder no more! They are definitely the most preferred not only among Instagrammers, but among celebrities. Almond nails are also easy to style at home and allow you to let your imagination run wild. The classic shape doesn’t mean your manicure will be boring! Here come our nail experts to introduce you to new trends to adorn your almond nails. With Autumn being around the corner, you should be ready for a new palette of colors and designs to try. That’s why today we have prepared 23 ideas that will leave you speechless!

Wine Red Almond Shaped Nails

wine red almond shaped nails fall manicure ideas 2023


Burgundy nails are a staple for the Autumn season, and this year things won’t be any different. The deep red shade will make you feel like a sophisticated lady with an immaculate sense of style. The almond shape will make your finger look long and elegant. This “wine” almond nail design is certainly a hit and will bring you many compliments.

Glossy French Tip Nails

autumn nails 2023 glossy french tip manicure almond shaped

Speaking of the Autumn color pallet, have you seen more beautiful shades? You can feel cozy just by looking at them. The design here is called the glossy French tip nails. This technique includes a matte base with glossy French tips that highlight the almond shape perfectly. Don’t hesitate to make each fingernail in a different hue like shown on the photo! This way your manicure will look extra cute.

3D Fall Nails 2023

almond shaped 3d fall nails 2023

3D nails are definitely worth the hype. You have probably seen a lot of designs that include 3D decorations, but today we are going to focus on the ones that are inspiring for the Fall season 2023. 3D decorations in gold specifically will be a must-try this year! You can combine them with different colors to create the ideal manicure design.

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Galaxy Purple Short Almond Shaped Nails

galaxy short almond shaped nails purple manicure fall 2023

Let us share a prediction for the Fall 2023 nail trends! Have you heard about the galaxy nails yet? This design will be seen everywhere this year, trust me! And if you are asking how to adapt it, of course the answer is short almond shape. The short nails are undoubtedly more comfortable and easy to maintain. Not only that, but if you are going to hop on the galaxy nail trend, the short almond shape will make your manicure look better.

Short Almond French Tip Nails with Gold and Black

short almond french tip nails with gold and black autumn 2023

Probably not a day goes by when I’m scrolling through the Internet and I don’t come across a French manicure that I want to get right away! Thanks to manicurist experts around the world, we can now enjoy so many designs with different colors. However, on today’s agenda are the gold French tip nails, which are extremely suitable for Autumn. You can, of course, mix and match black and brown to create a Fall fairy tail and your French manicure will look like an abstract piece of art.

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Almond Shaped Lip Gloss Nails

almond shaped lip gloss nails 2023 autumn trends manicure

For my beautiful ladies out there who are in love with the minimalistic nail art, Fall trends will offer you ideas that you won’t be able to resist. The lip gloss nails are back and thriving! The glossy nail finish of this light pink color will make you fit perfectly into the “clean girl” aesthetic. Let’s not forget to mention that you can match your nails to any Autumn outfit that you like!

Almond Shaped Nails 2023 Ideas

long almond shaped nails with blue and silver

Almond Pink Chrome Nails

almond shaped pink chrome nails 2023

Milky White Nails with Silver French Tips

milky white nails with silver chrome french tips

Glazed Almond Shaped Fall Nails 2023 with Gold

fall nail design ideas 2023 colors trends almond shape

Short Matte Almond Nails 2023

matte fall nails 2023 short almond shape

Simple Brown Long Almond Shape Nails

simple fall almond shaped nails 2023 brown

Short Almond Gold French Tip Nails

strawberry milk with gold french tip short almond nails

September Nails 2023

september nails 2023 almond shaped

Almond Shape Lavender Nails 2023

lavender french tip nails almond shaped

Dark Green Almond Nails 2023

dark green almond shaped nails 2023 autumn trends

Almond Glazed Donut Nails with a Decoration for Autumn 2023

glazed donut nails almond shaped with autumn decoration 2023

Simple Almond Shaped Nails for Fall 2023

simple black and white french tip nails fall trends manicure 2023 ideas

Almond Shaped Silver Chrome French Tip Nails

almond shaped silver chrome french tip nails

Nude Almond Shaped Glazed Donut Nails 2023

glazed donut nails nude almond shaped autumn trends 2023

Super Short Almond Shaped Nails for Fat Fingers

super short almond shaped nails for fat fingers 2023

Almond Shaped Blue French Tip Nails

blue almond french tip nails 2023 fall trends

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