Summer 3D Nail Art Ideas 2023: The 19 Game Changers in The Manicure World!

by Gabby

It’s still Summer and we are loving it! But do you want to spice things up with your manicure in August? What are the Summer 3D nail art ideas that you should try? What are 3D nails exactly? How to adapt them in 2023?

Summer 3D Nail Art Ideas 2023: The Game Changers in The Manicure World!

summer 3d nail art ideas manicure designs 2023

With less than a month left until Summer is gone this year, it’s good to recharge the batteries once again with fresh and summerish manicure suggestions. This time though, we’ve prepared for you undoubtedly some of the most beautiful nail art you’ve ever seen! With those minimalist trends like Old money and clean girl aesthetic, we forgot that we can actually turn our nails into actual masterpiece! With that being said, let’s not waste any more time and check out these 3D nail ideas that you must copy in 2023!

What Are 3D nails?

The 3D nail technique includes adding gel or decorations to create dimension and depth, so that your manicure looks like a true piece of art! Depending on your taste, you can even add tiny jewelry for nails to create the 3D effect. In Summer, people love adding gel in the shape of tiny drops, that imitates raindrops and it looks like your nails are wet. The 3D nails are super versatile and we are going to share some of the best for Summer 2023!

3d nails with drops framed manicure summer 2023 designs art ideas


Summer Colors 3D Nail Art

summer 3d nails ideas 2023 design colors

As already mentioned, with 3D nails you can play with all kinds of decorations and let your imagination run wild. Especially for your summer manicure, you can use different dry colors, make embossed dots with gel polish or decorate with small jewels. As you can see from the photo, this type of manicure is a lot of fun and looks like a painted picture.

Aura 3D Nail Designs

3d aura nails beachy manicure summer 2023

Aura nails have become very popular this year, and they have been adapted by many women. This particular nail design has been inspired not only from auras, but also from the beach – sandy yellow with bright blue color. The sand and the sea represented by aura swirls are one of the best Summer manicure. But the finishing touch is the tiny “raindrops” created by using a translucent gel nail polish. This Summer 3D nail art looks truly spectacular!

3D Witch Nails

witch nails 2023 summer ideas

Have you heard about the witch nails? Yes, that’s right, not only Ariel will have her moment with the mermaid nails! I think people got inspired a lot from the Little Mermaid movie and thought that not only the hero gets to shine this time, but also the villain. Melissa McCarthy played Ursula and did a great job! Then manicure experts thought “Okay, what would Ursula wear on her nails?” They came up with different 3D ideas, but this one stood out for us! The cobalt blue makes such a great contrast and the 3D chrome decorations are incredible!

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3D Barbie French Tip Nails Pink

barbie 3d french tip nails pink manicure

Speaking of inspiring movies, have you seen the new Barbie Movie yet? If you have, then you probably already know about the huge hype and the Barbiecore trend that’s literally everywhere! But, if you want your Barbie manicure to have a little edge, we suggest adapting a 3D French tip nails in different shades of pink! As a base you can use the strawberry milk nail color that will make your pink hues stand out more!

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Angel 3D Nail Design

angel 3d nail design summer 2023 white chrome manicure

What are angel nails? Well, they are exactly what it sounds like – beautiful, shiny, white and mesmerizing! However, 3D angel nail art is something else! I mean look at the remarkable technique and the decorations. I love how the white chrome reflects, especially in the daylight. You can add pearls, rhinestones or customize them however you want. The best nail shape for this kind of manicure would be stiletto or almond.

Summer 3D Nails Ideas 2023

summer 3d nails ideas pink color trends manicure almond shape

Mermaid Blue Chrome 3D Nail Art: Short Coffin Shape

blue chrom mermaid nails magical 3d manicure changing colors

Green Match Ombre 3D nails with Aura Decoration

matcha nails ombre aura 3d manicure ideas summer 2023

Long Stiletto 3D Nails with Silver Chrome

long stiletto 3d nails with chrome summer 2023 trends

Blue and White Ombre Nails 3D Mermaid

mermaid ombre nails white and blue manicure 3d summer

Light Pink 3D Chrome Nails

chrome 3d nails summer 2023 ideas

Cute Summer 3D Nails 2023

cute summer 3d nail ideas 2023 pink and orange

Simple 3D Nail Ideas 2023

simple 3d nail art ideas white gold decoration

Barbie Inspired 3D Nail Art Ideas

barbie inspired 3d nail art ideas summer 2023 pink

Pink Chrome 3D Nails

pink chrome 3d nails 2023

Pink Ombre French Tip Nails 3D

3d french tip ombre nails hot pink barbie

Blue 3D French Tip Nails

blue french tip nails 3d manicure


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