How to Wear a Short Dress at 50 and Be Stylish at the Same Time? 10+ Elegant Looks to Copy

by Kremy

How to wear a short dress at 50 and look fabulous? The length of skirts and dresses for women over 50 has been a taboo subject for some time. However, to age gracefully, women should not neglect their fashion tastes. On the contrary: short dresses are more than flattering for women over 50 and we explain why and how to wear them in the best way!

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How to Wear a Short Dress at 50?

Can you wear a short dress at 50? Yes of course! There’s a widespread “opinion” that short dresses are only for young girls. I’m here to challenge that statement and give you a whole new perspective on the perfect wardrobe for a woman over 50

The woman over 50 is a true force of nature. She’s been through a lot, but she still has life ahead of her. She knows her sense of style and isn’t afraid to follow it and express herself through fashion. Wherever she goes, like a cold summer breeze, she gracefully traces her path with femininity, poise and class. And whatever she wants, she gets.

If you’re a woman over 50 and you’ve always been hesitant to wear short dresses, I’m going to interrupt you right now. Short dresses are wonderful and fashion has no age. Take a look at our handy guide and get inspired by stylish ideas from DeaVita fashionistas! Here is how to wear a short dress at 50!

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Accessories Are Important to Complete the Look

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Wearing a simple short dress will not be enough. Accessorizing is an essential element in assembling a beautifully trendy outfit. And when it comes to short dresses, choosing the right accessories is not easy. It all depends on the color and shape of the dress. Are you getting ready for a formal event, to go to the office or for a relaxed walk with friends in town? Here’s what you can do for these three occasions:

  • Formal attire. For a formal event, you can never go wrong with a little black dress. To make it more unique, opt for accessories that highlight it. It is a golden or silver handbag and jewelry in the same style. Your shoes can be black as long as you complement your outfit with the right colors. You can also choose a brighter color to stand out. Or, if you like to wear colorful dresses, make it the main feature and add simpler accessories in more neutral colors so you don’t overshadow it.
  • Dress to go to the office. Dresses or short skirts may be prohibited in some offices. But fortunately, at the DeaVita office, we have the freedom to wear whatever we want. If your workplace gives you this freedom, but you still want to look professional, I recommend choosing a dress in darker or pastel colors and pairing it with a trendy handbag. Jewelry can be kept minimal and you can pair it with Doc Martens or Birkenstock sandals, if the weather permits.
  • Everyday look. There are many gorgeous casual dresses. For the summer, I recommend wearing them with crochet bags, which are very trendy at the moment. Large handbags will complement them perfectly and balance your figure.

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What Shoes for a 50-Year-Old Woman’s Short Dress?

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Yes, high heels combined with a short dress is the perfect look for a femme fatale. Wear brightly colored heels that go perfectly with your dress. However, if you are not comfortable with these heels, you can opt for white sneakers (YES!) if you want a more casual look. White sneakers have been a staple in every woman’s wardrobe for the past five years and we all still wear them. If you want to end the summer in style, wear strappy sandals for the perfect modern Greek goddess look.

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How to Be Elegant When Wearing a Short Dress?

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Every woman needs a little black dress in her wardrobe! On its own, it can look pretty plain. However, as colder days are coming and fall is upon us, you can pair it with a beautiful long black coat and high heels. Combine with a small black handbag or a neutral colored handbag and you’re done! It’s that easy to be elegant!

how to wear a short dress at 50

Another way to wear a short dress at 50 is to choose one with longer sleeves in earthy tones. If you find it’s still too hot to wear longer sleeves, buy a linen dress. In addition, to highlight your curves and give you an extremely feminine look, wear a belt. You can avoid bright colors and wear simpler accessories.

What Color of Short Dress for a 50 Year Old Woman to Choose?

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The choice of colors depends largely on your skin tone. Do the skin tone test to find out what colors of clothing to avoid. For women with warm tones, bright and warm colors like pink, red, orange and yellow are perfect. They will make your skin look radiant and complement your features perfectly.

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On the other hand, women with cooler tones are more comfortable with cool hues such as blue, silver, dark green or purple. It’s great fun to play with colors and find the ones that bring out your best features! On the other hand, before we look at other wonderful outfits for 50-year-old women, wearing black tights will make you look even more stylish!

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Photo Gallery: How to Wear a Short Dress at 50?

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Short Dress Idea for Women Over 50

how to wear a short dress at 50 and look fabulous

The Perfect Wardrobe for Women Over 50

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What Is the Most Flattering Short Dress for a 50 Year Old Woman?

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Can You Wear a Short Dress at 50?

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A Short Dress Can be the Perfect Casual Outfit

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