How to Wear Loafers at 50? The Do’s and Don’ts for Back-To-School Style!

by Kremy

Although the sandal season is not over yet, we at Deavita like look ahead to upcoming fashion trends. So, what will be the shoe trends for fall of 2023? Which shoes to select to combine chic and comfort after the age of 50? Be careful with sneakers and pumps! The fall-winter 2023 shoe trend for women aged 50 will be loafers. Black or beige, platform or chunky, leather or vinyl, here is how to wear loafers at 50 (or more) to get some height and style into your everyday life!

Women over 50 who love trendy footwear, hold on, because the new arrivals in the fall 2023 shoe department have decided to impress you. Boots for when the temperatures drop, sneakers for when the weather is mild and heels for the parties. In short, there are as many models as there are desires. To keep things simple, here’s a review of the most desirable shoes for women over 50 for the fall season – loafers!

Fall-Winter 2023 Shoe Trends: What Loafers to Wear at 50?

how to wear loafers at 50 or older fashionable shoes fall winter 2023

If the military boots with notched soles were the most desirable shoes for women last year, they will be dethroned by chunky loafers this fall-winter 2023. Why do we love them so much? they allow you to gain a few precious inches thanks to their wedge soles, while remaining very comfortable to wear. An excellent choice for people in their fifties who are allergic to stilettos.

Likewise, platform loafers are suitable for all ages, and go well with many of our fashion basics. Anti-aging pair par excellence, they are easy to wear with everything and everywhere to rejuvenate us and guarantee a fashionable look after 50. However, this does not mean that we are spared from fashion faux pas. But that doesn’t mean we’re immune to fashion faux pas. To rejuvenate without looking too young, it’s best to avoid overly colorful models in favor of loafers in black, brown or beige. And don’t forget animal prints. When it comes to materials, opt for a pair made of leather, velvet or vinyl.

How to Wear Loafers at 50 Every Day? 5 Basic Pieces to Pair With

how to wear loafers at 50 fall winter 2023 shoe trends


Loafers can be worn by everyone, as long as a few fashion rules are observed. Whether you’re 50 or over, you’ll want to choose them according to your body shape. If you have more pronounced hips or thighs that you want to hide, put on your black leather loafers with a pleated skirt or a knee-length bohemian dress. Because nobody likes wrinkled skin all around. In winter, opt for a knitted dress. For a slimmer, younger look after your fifties, nothing beats a good pair of high-waisted jeans to hide your tummy, or ultra-comfortable Mom jeans to conceal saddlebags. Trench coat, 7/8 pants, blazer and t-shirt, cashmere sweater… In short, all the basics will go well with your new loafers!

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With a Maxi Boho Dress

fall winter 2023 shoe trends maxi boho dress outfit

If you want to wear loafers after 50 without looking too formal, opt for bright colors A sure way to rejuvenate your look, brightly colored clothes make you look younger after a certain age. So don’t hesitate to combine your flat black loafers with a maxi boho dress, a pair of socks and a cropped jacket. A floral print is the ideal solution for setting the tone and breaking the classic, slightly too masculine side of black or brown leather loafers. And what better alternative than a floral dress to brighten up the fall wardrobe?!

With 7/8 Pants

what jeans pants to wear with black chunky loafers shoe trends 2023

To play the safe bet card, wear your loafers after 50 with high-waisted straight jeans and a slightly oversized white shirt. When temperatures drop, replace them with a cable-knit sweater and pants to play with masculine-feminine concepts. Another perfect mid-season combo? Wear your loafers with 7/8 pants that subtly reveal your ankles. The important thing is to choose socks that will hide your flaws and enhance your assets. If like Claire Chazal, white pants make you look your best, don’t hesitate to pair them with a pretty pair of patent leather loafers. The same goes for faux leather pants!

With a Pleated Skirt

how to wear chunky black loafers women over 50 shoe trends 2023 fall winter

Gifted with a sensual, chic allure, the pleated skirt is the perfect ally for feminizing an outfit with chunky or heeled loafers. In satin or leather, plain or printed, this midi skirt has many advantages. In addition, it is perfect for hiding certain curves. Combine yours with an oversized sweater or a t-shirt, add a pretty handbag, some accessories and you’re done!

With a Blazer

how to wear loafers after 50 2023 fall trends

The secret to wearing flat loafers without falling into cliché is to combine them with strong pieces, such as a blazer jacket. Nothing could be easier to create an ultra-trendy professional outfit for 60-year-old women. A white shirt, matching pants and you’re ready to go to work in style! Fans of high shoes can swap the flat pair for a heeled model.

With a Trench Coat

how to wear black chunky loafers at 50 style fashion trends fall winter 2023

Classic beige, two-tone or patchwork, in leather, cotton or even vinyl, the trench coat can be worn in any style and is easily combined with flat or chunky loafers for the most stylish rainwear for 50-year-old women.

How NOT to Wear Loafers at 50?

how not to wear loafers at 50

There is no age to be fashionable, but there are some bad dressing habits to forget because some fashion faux pas can make you look older. And that’s surely not what you want, right? In this case, avoid wearing your loafers with the following pieces:

  • skinny jeans
  • flare or bootcut jeans
  • leather leggings
  • a miniskirt
  • flashy clothes
  • oversized clothes
  • a short dress
  • sweatpants

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