Discreet Tattoos for Women 2023: Tiny, but Interesting Ideas to Copy

by Gabby

Let’s face it! We are not all fans of the big tattoos with huge mystical creatures, flowers, faces, etc. Sometimes, we want something meaningful and tiny. As women, we love to look elegant, and the same goes for our tattoos most of the time. What are the TOP discreet tattoos for women in 2023? Where on the body should you do them?

Discreet Tattoos for Women 2023: Tiny, but Interesting Ideas to Copy

discreet tattoos for women 2023 hailey bieber hand

Remember that one episode of Friends when Phoebe and Rachel got tattoos? Phoebe got scared and only managed to get a dot, but in her mind that was the entire world seen from heaven. Well, you can interpret tattoos however you like, but we are not going to talk about such discreet tattoos. Our suggestions are a bit bigger than that, but still chic and elegant.

As you already know, putting ink on your body is a way of expressing yourself, a type of art, or a memory to keep with you forever. Tattoos are permanent, so you have to make sure that you are taking the right decision. Let’s go ahead and start with the best suggestions.

Best Places for Discreet Tattoos

best places for discreet tattoos for women 2023


If you have decided to get a tattoo, no matter how small, you should first be aware of the level of pain you will experience. It varies according to the location of the tattoo, and that’s why we’re showing you this chart, so you can have an idea. If you are going to get a discreet tattoo, they are usually in more hidden places that can be covered with your clothes. The best places for discreet tattoos are:

  • Hands
  • Above the elbow
  • Back of the neck
  • Feet
  • Ankles
  • Chest
  • The side of your finger
  • Shoulders
  • Inside your wrist
  • Inside your bicep

Discreet Cursive Word Tattoo on a Hand

discreet cursive word tattoo on hands for women 2023

One of the most common places to get a discreet tattoo is the hand. And if you ask me, the best way to do it is cursive word designs. These are truly stunning and will make your hand look absolutely chic and feminine. The best part is that, people should really look closely to find out what the word is, so you can ink whatever you want.

Discreet Medusa Tattoo for Women

discreet medusa tattoo for women 2023

Most people believe that tattoos should have deeper meaning. If you are going through that pain of getting one, then better do it for something that truly matter to you. Do you know the meaning of the Medusa tattoo? You can read more about it here, but let’s say that some tattoos can even heal your inner pain… Usually, we have seen huge Medusa tattoos, but they don’t have to be. There’s a lot of choice for discreet tattoos as well.

2023 Minimalist Harry Potter Tattoos

minimalist harry potter tattoos for women discreet 2023

Are there any Potterheads out there? Why am I even asking this question?! This is not the movie of our childhood, since we keep watching it pretty much every Fall (multiple times…). If you want to make sure everyone knows that you are a Harry Potter fan, adapt a discreet tattoo. We have given you an example of the perfect symbols of the Harry World. You don’t have to do all of them. You can adapt just one or two, on the body part that you feel is right for you.

Discreet Wrist Tattoo for Women

discreet wrist tattoo for women

Do you know what’s the best part of the small tattoos? They are budget-friendly, not that painful and they are easy to cover up, if you get bored of them. If you want something subtle as a first tattoo, we say do something angelic on your wrist. You can customize the tattoo and make it your own.

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Selena Gomez Tattoo Inspiration

selena gomez tattoo meaning discreet ideas for women

We all know Selena Gomez is one of the queens of discreet tattoos. We know that her body art have been a hot topic on the Internet, discussed by many people. Selena has 18 tattoos so far and almost 90% of them are tiny and discreet. You can draw a lot of inspiration from her, if you want something meaningful and elegant. One of the iconic ones is the “Rare” tattoo on the right side of her neck. She made it to mark the release of her third solo album in 2020.

2023 Discreet Tattoos for Ladies

small meaningful tattoos for women

Hailey Bieber Hand Tattoo Fine Ink Design

hailey bieber hand tattoo discreet ink

Small Cat Tattoo for Women with a Heart

small cat tattoos for ladies inspiration 2023

Discreet Arm Tattoos for Women: Butterflies

butterfly women discreet tattoo ideas 2023

Emilia Clark Game of Thrones Discreet Tattoo

emilia clark discreet game of thrones tattoo

Small Tattoos for Women

discreet tattoos for women 2023 back

Small Tattoo Ideas on the Arms for Women

small tattoos for women on discreet places ideas 2023

Shoulder Discreet Tattoos for Ladies

airplain women tattoo discreet

Harry Potter Interesting Small Discreet Tattoo

discreet harry potter tattoo wand for women

Chest Discreet Tattoos for Ladies

chest tattoos discreet for women

Back of the Neck Tattoo for Women

neck tattoos for women

Tiny Ankle Tattoo Idea for Women

ancle tattoos for women 2023

Small Fine Ink Design Tattoos for Ladies

small tattoos for ladies

Peace of Mind: Discreet Tattoo Idea on the Back

back women tattoo small discreet ideas 2023

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