How to Do Amazing Galaxy Nails At Home, Like an Expert!

by Radost P.

How to get the perfect galaxy nails, without even visiting a nail art expert? Which products will you need?

Here’s How to Paint Galaxy Nails Like a True Professional!

how to paint galaxy nails

If you want to save some time and money from using the services of a local salon, we have compiled a simple and easy guide on how to paint stylish galaxy nails on your own! Below, you will find out the best hacks from experts in this sphere.

Prepare Your Nails

clean and healthy nails


The very first step is to remove dirt and remaining nail polish from your nails. Make sure that they have the shape that you like, and the cuticles are removed. It is best to start from scratch when doing your galaxy manicure.

Use Light Base Coat for the Perfect Galaxy Nails

apply a base coat on your nails

Apply a base coat on each of your nails so that they are protected from outside elements and other factors. In this way, your manicure will be long-lasting.

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It’s Time for the Base

apply base color galaxy nail

You can choose among various different colors, yet we recommend picking a purple base or a combination of vibrant and eye-catching shades.

A Coat of Glitter

add a coat of glitter

You may choose between glitter and a holographic nail polish – these are both perfect for adding this special shining vibe that galaxy nails are giving off.

Elevate Your Nail Design

paint stars onto your galaxy manicure

Now, it is time for the most interesting part of doing your manicure. Use your imagination and start painting stars! It does not matter what is the form exactly, the important thing is for you to like your galaxy nails at the end. You don’t have to create designs for all your nails – another option is to add nail stickers.

Bring Your Special Manicure to Life

add rhinestones to your nails

Before moving onto the last step, it is good to add some rhinestones or other 3D things that will certainly take your galaxy manicure to the next level! Use a nail glue or tweezers in order to attach the items to your nails. These are great for the less creative people who do not prefer to think of designs.

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Final Step – Apply the Top Coat

use top coat for nails

Finishing your manicure with a top coat is a necessary step of the process, since it will provide a glossy look and protect your nails in the weeks to come. Now, you are ready to enjoy your lovely galaxy nail art!

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