Tattoo on black skin: Our expert advice and tips for dark skin!

by Kremy

Most of our articles about female tattoos are geared towards light-skinned women. So, can black people get tattoos? Don’t worry! The tips we give you are valid for all skin types. What ink to use to get a tattoo when you have dark skin? Are there any risks of a tattoo on black skin? How is it aging? Do darker skin types suffer from more severe scarring? Our top tips for black beauties are here!

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What tattoo for black skin?

Black, gray or colored tattoo, you can wear everything on dark skin. However, tattoo artists advise to use gray or black ink. The ideal is to consult your tattoo artist so that he can determine which will be the most suitable choice for your skin tone. If you absolutely want to test a colored tattoo on black skin, choose colors that contrast with each other. Purple, brown, yellow and white are not a suitable choice for dark skin. Also keep in mind that each design more or less fades after a few months. It usually depends on your skin tone and the chosen ink. In this case, a retouching should be done.

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How does a black tattoo age?

They say that tattoos are forever? But is this really the case? Do tattoos on black skin age faster than others? Well, it depends on the ink used and the tattooed area. For a tattoo to last longer, it is necessary to avoid places that are likely to deform. Tattoos on the stomach, thighs and triceps tend to stretch and wrinkle as the skin ages. Areas where the skin is very thin are also to be avoided. On the color side, white, orange, beige and blue inks are among the most durable. The downside? These colors do not go very well with dark skin. To prevent a tattoo from aging, regardless of skin tone, there are other factors to consider. Sun exposure, the use of homemade body scrubs frequently and hair removal sessions can more or less fade the color of your tattoo. The solution? Hydration, hydration and more hydration! How to protect your tattoo? Find out here.

Is black skin more prone to scars than light skin?

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YES and NO. Some black skin types are prone to keloid scars. These are tissues that form in excess around the wound. If you have this problem, it is better to forget about getting a tattoo. Some tattoo artists are used to working on dark skin. They can adapt the technique to your skin type. Also remember that some areas of the body are more painful than others. And that goes for all skin tones and types. For your information, the least painful areas are the outer arms, calves, upper back, shoulders and buttocks. If you prefer one of these parts, then it is better to choose a small discreet tattoo. If you are afraid of pain, there are anesthetic treatments, but these tend to modify the structure of the skin and should be avoided.

Removing a tattoo on black skin, is it a good idea?

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NO! Undoing a tattoo on dark skin is strongly discouraged! Why? The laser tends to modify, even damage, the natural pigmentation of the skin, which can cause the appearance of marks and redness. Now, all you have to do is find the design made for you in our photo gallery below! Ankle tattoos, forearm, rib, wrist, back… there’s something for everyone.

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