How to tame a robin in the garden? 4 steps to follow!

by Kremy

Wonderfully gentle and incredibly affectionate, the robin is perhaps my favorite bird. A long time ago I used to attract robins into the garden. Their warmth, their little legs, their incredibly cute little beak and their warm colors were all enchanting. So if you ever feel lonely and live in an area where you see these friendly little birds hanging around, you’ll know what to do! In general, birds are easily scared off, but with the right techniques and a little love, you just might succeed! Enough chatter, here’s how to tame a robin!

how to attract the robin

How to tame a robin quickly?

How to attract the robin? In fact, it’s quite simple and straightforward. First, you need to do some research. But I’ve already prepared this part, so you have the most important information you need in a quick and easy-to-follow tutorial! The robin, or Erithacus Rubecula, is a gentle and kind creature with a lifespan of 4 or 5 years. So if you thought you had made a friend for life, I am here to shatter those beliefs. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t spend a few years with your new friend and show him tenderness and love. Now let’s get to the tutorial!

how to tame a robin


Get to know the bird

Before you can think about how to care for a robin, you need to know about it. As I mentioned before, the robin has a lifespan of 4-5 years. Which isn’t much. But during this time they can have two generations of small birds per year. Not bad, huh? They like to nest in hedges, random holes and nooks in the ground, log piles, tree roots, bushes, etc. By the way, they are as easily tamed as chickadees, if not easier!

When to attract the robin?

If some of you thought fall and winter were going to be boring, um…I’ll stop you there! There’s plenty to do in the garden in November and December and it’s not just gardening! The beautiful and lovable robins are on display during these months and some stay to hang out in the spring. However, they start nesting in February, but you may see some of them doing so in January as well. This is also the perfect time to tame them! Most people have more success taming them in early spring than in winter, although these little guys can withstand very low temperatures.

What does the robin eat?

Robins like to eat insects and while you are digging your garden you might see a bird fly by. When they do this they are usually looking for some insects like worms or beetles in the ground. Otherwise, they feast on seeds, raisins, peanuts, sunflower seeds and fruits. But how do you tame a robin with food in your garden and then in your hand? Well, robins are natural ground eaters, so feeding trays are ideal. Prepare a mixture of birdseed, sunflower seeds and mealworms, sprinkle it on a tray and wait for the robins to arrive. But try to linger in this place, so that he knows who feeds him and gets used to your presence. We are now at the last stage, the most beautiful and the most moving!

Be gentle and welcoming

Now that we know what robins eat, we’re ready for the next step. Once you and your future best friend have spent some time in each other’s presence, it’s time to bond! The next time you’re expecting your friend, put some of his favorite foods in the palm of your hand and offer him your company. This may take some time, as the robin is quite suspicious at first. But once he notices that you are not a threat, but a potential friend, he will come to eat from your hand and even hang out with you.

how can you tame a robin

I mentioned at the beginning of the article that when I was little I tamed birds. I was good at it and even started bringing some home when my parents were at work and I had a few hours off after school. I brought it into my room and showed it everything it contained, then it snuggled into my hand. I will always cherish those moments before one day it just didn’t come… I hope you experience it too, as the process of taming a robin is extremely therapeutic!

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