How to Attract Birds to Your Garden? These Are The Steps to Follow!

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You are out, sitting in your garden and you hear… silence… As much as we love that sometimes, there is something that will make this experience better. How, you may ask? Well, you probably know that birds singing is one of the best sounds in the Spring. If you are a fan of these tiny and beautiful creatures, you need to learn how to make your garden inviting for them. Today, we are showing you how to attract birds to your garden with easy steps to follow! Check them out now!

How to Attract Birds to Your Garden? These Are The Steps to Follow!

how to attract birds to your garden tips and tricks 2023

If you want to really feel like you are out in the nature, while being in your garden, it is proven that you need to hear birds singing. We associate this sound with being in a fresh and clean environment, which can lead to happy thoughts. Basically, the goal here is for the birds to recognize your garden as a peaceful place and comfortable location to feed and rest. If you want results, then you will need a lot of patience and persistence. We’ll cover 5 methods in this article to help you attract birds to your garden.

How to Attract Birds to Your Garden: Step 1

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Providing food is the first step in encouraging birds to visit your garden. Knowing about the endemic birds in your area is highly advised. You may learn which fruits and seeds they favor in this way. You can choose to go to a specialized shop to get the seeds. You always have the choice to buy a diversified mix of varieties if you’re unsure about which to select.

What is The Best Bird Food to Attract Birds?

As we already mentioned, food in necessary if you want to draw birds to your garden. Keep in mind that by feeding the birds, you are helping them survive in the colder periods. The best bird food that will help you attract them is the Black oil Sunflower seed, since it appeals to many kinds of birds. Other food that you can place in the bird feeder is:

  • Fresh or dried fruits
  • Different sunflower seeds
  • Cracked corn
  • Peanut butter mixed with corn meal

Be careful with giving the birds food that is too spicy or too salty, because this can be really bad for their health. Another thing you should be careful with are the squirrels. Make sure they don’t come to your garden and take the food from the feeders.

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How to Make Your garden Appealing For Birds: Step 2

make your backyard wildlife friendly attract birds garden tips

As you already know, birds are not only drinking the water, they are using it to bathe. Especially, during Summer, when the weather is so hot, they enjoy playing in the water. Not only do they have a great time with this fun hobby, but it also helps them eliminate and prevent parasites and clean their plumage. To provide a small pool, you can use a large enough container or install a small fountain in your garden. You can also use a shallow bowl. Keep in mind that you have to clean it regularly, since birds may defecate and urinate in it. If it is not cleaned well, they may get sick.

Bird Houses: Step 3

make bird homes in your garden tips and tricks ideas

Your garden should be a safe haven for the birds. That is why you need to create tiny homes for them, so they would want to stick around. If you are not than handy, you can find a variety of bird houses in the specialized stores, or order them online. They can be hung on the walls, trees, or you can place them on the ground as shown on the photo, but they should be high enough. If you want to make them yourself, make sure that the entrance is large enough so they can easily enter and get out, but not too big since they can feel threatened.

Plants Are Super Important: Step 4

bird friendly plants for your garden tips

How to attract birds to your garden? You have to make sure that there are bird-friendly plants that they will enjoy! You can plant different trees, shrubs, or flowers. That will ensure that our tiny friends are feeling more in their natural habitat. Some birds even feed on the nectar of specific flowers.

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If You Want Birds in Your Garden Follow Step 5!

You are starting to see some birds in your garden, well, time to leave them alone! Make sure you don’t bother them, since they are very fragile creatures and if they feel threatened in any way, they will simply leave. It is best to not stay on one place when you notice them, try to walk around and move. The constant presence of people might scare them away.

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