How to Style a Tunic after 60 – Fashionable Summer Outfits for Mature Women

by Kremy

How to style a tunic after 60? Yes, dear ladies, today we are going to talk about tunics in all their variations and we shall see how to create stylish and fashionable summer outfits for older women. Summer is approaching! Are you getting ready for the warm days? Did you know that the tunic is one of the most ancient clothing items? The ancient Romans wore it and they had different types of tunics for different occasions. Modern fashionistas, even at a respectable age, love the tunic for its versatility. It suits women of all ages, with any type of figure.

How to Style a Tunic after 60 and Look Fashionable in Your Outfit?

how to style a tunic after 60 fashionable summer outfits for mature women

In general, a tunic is a loose garment, with or without sleeves, most often without a collar. It resembles a shirt and its length can vary, but it doesn’t get above the thigh line. Among the many advantages of tunics are their versatility, functionality, and the fact that they allow you to hide all figure flaws. There are many variations of tunics and in this article we’ve selected some great summer outfit ideas for you.

Fashionable Summer Outfits for Women Over 60 – Combine a Tunic with Jeans

fashionable casual summer outfits for women over 60 combine a tunic with jeans


What are the best casual summer outfits for women over 60? The most obvious and simple combination is to pair jeans and tunic. This outfit is suitable for every day. Due to the fact that tunics have a loose fit, it will look best with skinny or straight jeans. Choose a top in bright colors which will refresh your look and make it truly summery. You can opt for cropped jeans and a lightweight linen tunic. Complement the image with fashionable sandals.

How to Style a Tunic after 60 – Leggings Outfit Ideas for the Summer

how to style a tunic after 60 leggings outfit ideas for the summer

Do you need a comfortable casual outfit? Then combine your tunic with leggings! Whether cropped or full length, leggings outfits for older women are super comfortable. Such outfits are very flattering for curvy women as well, especially if you choose an asymmetrical tunic. Add a stylish pendant, sandals and a trendy bag to complete your trendy look!

Trendy Wide Leg Pants and Tunic Outfits for Women Over 60

trendy wide leg pants and tunic outfits for women over 60

A tunic will look great in combination with wide pants. Wide leg pants are trendy and this is a great option for a smart casual outfit. The combination of tunic and wide leg pants will help you look fashionable as well as express your personal style.

Boho Style Tunic Outfits for Mature Ladies

boho style tunic outfits for mature ladies

Boho outfits for older women are appealing to ladies with free spirit who are not afraid to experiment. Loose tunics in boho style with asymmetrical cuts are great for hot summer days. As you know, the concept of this style is based on using natural materials and what could be better than linen and cotton for the summer season? Add a scarf, accessories, interesting jewelry and remember, being after 60 does not mean that you should not follow fashion trends!

The All-White Look – Elegant Tunic Outfits for Women After 60

the all white look elegant tunic outfits for women after 60

White is the perfect color for the summer. It’s elegant, feminine and classy. All white outfits not only look spectacular, but also allow you to combine different texture. Monochromatic outfits give you the opportunity to play with the accessories – bag, jewelry, etc. Remember that naturalness is one of the main trends of the year, so choose proper makeup that will highlight your best features.

Can You Style a Tunic with Shorts?

can you style a tunic with shorts summer outfit ideas for older women

For a comfortable and relaxed summer outfit, pair a tunic with shorts. Yes, even after 60 you can wear shorts! It is best if you opt for a longer model like Bermuda shorts and a free cut tunic. Comfortable espadrilles, ballet flats and various versions of sandals are suitable shoes for this outfit.

How to Choose a Tunic – Tips and Tricks for Women Over 60

how to choose a tunic tips and tricks for women over 60

Now that you know how to style a tunic after 60, let’s say a few words about choosing them. Natural fabrics are recommended, especially for the summer season – linen, cotton, silk. They lightweight and absorb moisture. When it comes to cuts – choose those that are flattering to your body shape – A-line tunics, asymmetrical or free cut models, etc. Do not limit yourself in colors and patterns. The tunic can be both light and bright or in natural and neutral shades. Vertical stripes will make you look taller, which is important for petite women. Many tunics have different decorative details – exquisite inserts, original lacing or embroidery. Such details add charm to any tunic.




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