California Cool Kitchen – Explore the Art of Timeless Beach Style Interior

by Stephanie Yankova

When you think about California, probably the first things that come to mind are sandy beaches, warm sunny weather, the azure waters of the ocean, surfing, and Hollywood. A fantastic combination of nature, subcultures, and glam. The Californian spirit carries a feeling of freedom, endless summer, and vast opportunities. A meeting point for people from all walks of life, it’s saturated with foreign cultural influences. This has translated into the state’s unique style, California Cool. Predominantly applied in kitchen spaces, this style is incredibly versatile, and I have no doubt that many of you have probably already seen it but simply didn’t know what it was called. In order to pay homage to the unifying nature that California Cool carries, I’m going to show you a selection of kitchen designs inspired by this style, give you a couple of ideas for your next house remodeling project and transport you to the long coastlines and salty waters of Cali.

coastal cool california home kitchen dark blue base white cabinets decor

What is California Cool?

California Cool is a combination of four very popular design styles. It carries the natural feel and rustic appearance of Coastal, the boldness, and diversity of Bohemian, the Scandinavian simplicity and standard for high quality, and hints of Mid-Century that give a lived-in character to the space. Depending on your personal preference, when designing in California Cool you can put an emphasis on some of these styles and mute others. There is no concrete rule that states any proportions that should be followed when interlacing these design movements.

California Cool Kitchen Design Ideas

textile wooden chairs minimalist decor chic design small california cool kitchen


Raw natural materials, earthy tones, boho textures, and vintage pieces – a perfect blend of old and new. In every modern home, the kitchen is a place that brings everyone together. It’s where we nurture our relationships, connect through food and express gratitude. Keep reading to find out how you can bring comfort, serenity, and character to your cooking space by incorporating key elements from the California Cool style.

Rustic California Cool Kitchen with Painted Floors

painted floor vintage chairs mid century aesthetic california cool kitchen organic materials

Bring a quirky character inspired by the seaside vibes to your kitchen by painting a bold white and blue pattern onto the wooden floors. Combine modern kitchen cabinets with rustic wooden seating – the contrast in materials will help create a more lived-in appearance typical for the California Cool style. Polished finishes intertwined with raw natural materials are the key to achieving a timeless Coastal aesthetic.

Bright Blue Kitchen Island Centerpiece

california cool kitchen cobalt blue center piece island gold accents white cabinets

Clean lines and all-white cabinets are key features in the California Cool kitchen aesthetic. It’s good to have a focal point when designing an interior space as it navigates the journey of its users. The kitchen island in this case is a place for dining and meal prepping, so you can highlight it by adding a pop of color.

Petrol Green Kitchen with an Azulejo Tiles Backsplash

azulejo tiles backsplash dark petrol green cabinets natural materials wooden bar stool california cool kitchen design

California Cool kitchens are predominantly characterized by the use of two primary colors within the design – white and blue. Quite self-explanatory, they are inspired by the colors of the California coastline. An easy way to add a playful touch to the kitchen design is by introducing patterns and texture. In this case, the bold petrol green cabinets are balanced out by an azulejo tiles backsplash on a contrasting white wall. The Persian pattern runner adds a touch of boho, which is another prominent influence on the California Cool style.

Black and White Kitchen with Hexagon Tile Floor Patterns

floor hexagon tiles mosaic black and white california cool kitchen wooden chairs vinatge aesthetic

An effective way to add character to your interior spaces is through the incorporation of different patterns. When working with a monochromatic kitchen, the floor is usually your focal point that brings the whole place together. Hexagon tiles are perfect for creating intricate patterns that can create different pathways through the space, highlight certain areas, or simply act as a decoration. The mismatched wooden stools are a stunning rustic addition that completes the effortlessly cool minimalist California Cool interior of the kitchen.

Black California Cool Open Kitchen

sloped wooden ceiling contemporary pendant black california cool kitchen modern design natural light

Designing a black kitchen is a bold decision that’s best suitable for well-lit spaces, preferably by natural light. Undeniably modern and chic, this kitchen portrays an intricate harmony between dark, rough surfaces and the softness of the wooden sloped ceiling, floor, and stools. The centerpiece kitchen island is highlighted with contemporary pendant lights mimicking the texture of cement, which adds a hint of industrialism to the appearance of the space.

California Cool in Vibrant Yellow and Blue

vibrant pops of color california cool kitchen natural light scandinavian design wooden elements

The bold pops of color in this kitchen are heavily reminiscent of the Mid-century kitchen style, which is known for the use of vibrant tones and strong contrasts of colors and materials. Typical for this style, we can see the presence of wooden paneling on the walls as well as the kitchen island, which creates coherence in the space. The Coastal Cool blue in combination with the yellow accents create a playful, modern atmosphere. Rustic rattan chairs are an absolute must when it comes to Cali-inspired interiors, as they fully embody the summer spirit.

More Coastal Cool Kitchen Design Ideas

small california cool kitchen ceiling light wooden beams white cabinets minimalist aesthetic

Raw Wooden Surfaces, Organic Textures, and Concrete Countertops

modern kitchen scandinavian style natural wooden furniture rustic coastal design open space california cool

Minimalist All-White California Cool Kitchen Flooded with Natural Light

minimalist all white california cool kitchen black metal frame wooden base chairs natural light french windows scandinavian aesthetic

Scandi meets Mid-Century meets Beach House Coastal Cool

mid century inspired black white wooden california cool kitchen terrazzo stone

Olive Green Coastal Cool Kitchen with Marble Stone Backsplash 

marble stone backsplash green cabinets white countertops wooden stools california cool kitchen

All-White Wood Kitchen with Geometric Tiles Backsplash 

geometric tiles backsplash wooden ceiling natural decor white cabinets rattan pendant lights

Open California Cool Kitchen with Sage Green Backsplash 

green tile backsplash wooden stools white cabinets pattern runner california cool kitchen

Classic Coastal Cool Kitchen with White and Blue Cabinets and Boho Runners

boho patterned rattan runners blue cabinets white walls california cool kitchen simple modern design

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