Women’s haircuts for 70 year old: Check out these 4 rejuvenating styles that you must try out in 2023!

by Gabby

What’s the best way to give yourself a younger, more chic look? New makeup? Yes, in a way. New clothes ? Of course… But do you know what is the best natural accessory we have? The one accessory we can change all the time and feel and look radiant? The hair, of course! If you’re 70 and have no idea what you can do with your hair, then you’re in luck! I’m here to hold your hand, show you some fantastic women’s haircuts for 70 year old, and give you some much-needed inspiration. Want to look at least 10 years younger and gorgeous at the same time? Keep reading!

haircut for 70 year old women trends 2023

What is a good haircut for a 70 year old woman?

A good haircut can completely transform our face and flatter our features. Cut them, dye them, make a bun or wear them loose – the options are many! And the hairstyle you choose based on your face shape can make you look incredible or downright bad. But do not worry ! I have prepared four versatile, trendy and youthful hairstyles that suit almost any face shape. As usual, I recommend my lovely female readers to check out Hair Simulator Free to get an idea of ​​what they will look like with a certain hairstyle… And have fun at the same time! If radical changes scare you and you don’t want to regret your decision… Check the site first before paying your hairdresser or taking the scissors and cutting your hair in front of the bathroom mirror. And now it’s on!

Square haircut for 70 year old woman

square bob haircut for women over 70


The bob cut is by far my favorite hairstyle of all. It’s not drastically short, it gives volume to fine hair and it’s chic. I don’t recommend you adopt Claire’s haircut in Fleabag, even if it is ”French!”. But rather a longer square cut, which is also called lob, french bob or chopped bob. You know what’s good? The square cut adapts to all face shapes! You can curl the hair, leave it straight or blow-dry it. For more inspiration, you can check out the best short bob haircuts after 50 to try out this year!

Shaggy bob for women over 70

shaggy bob for women over 70 how to style it tips and tricks

For all ladies with thin, flat hair, this is a total game changer! In recent years, the big fluffy haircuts of the 70s and 80s, such as the mullet cut or the shag hair, have made a comeback. They have many modern variations like the butterfly cut, which you can make at home (see the video below) and the wolf cut. Again, I chose this modern hairstyle because it suits ALL face shapes! If you don’t want to cut your hair that short after all, you can check out the mid-length bob hairstyles for older women!

Pixie haircut according to your face shape

pixie haircut for women over 70 gray hair trends

The pixie cut is bold, sexy and versatile! However, due to its dramatic nature, it does not suit all face shapes wonderfully. The pixie cut is made for women with an oval, heart-shaped or round face. It frames the face beautifully as it brings out your best features and highlights them. If you have a very long and oval face, then this haircut will not suit you as well as other face shapes.

Women’s haircuts for 70 year old: Try wearing long hair!

long hair for women over 70 ideas how to maintain it

Long hair for women over 50 has always been considered something of a taboo. In fact, many people think so. Well, I’m here today to tell you that this way of thinking is old-fashioned! Indeed, long hair REALLY makes you look and feel younger. Regardless of face shape, regardless of age.

Haircuts for 70 year old: Find more inspiration here!

short gray haircut for 70 year old women ideas

Long haircut for 70 year old women

long haircut for 70 year old women

Bob haircut for white hair 

bob haircut for white hair ideas

Pixie hairstyle to try out in 2023

pixie haircut to try out in 2023 for women over 60

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