Mascara tips for full and long eyelashes: How to create your dream eyelashes without expensive mascara?

Written by Gabriela Slavova

You know those expensive mascara ads that claim they make your lashes longer and thicker. But you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of money to get the same effect. With a few mascara tips for full and long eyelashes, you can buy any simple and cheap mascara and still make everyone jealous of your eyelashes. Follow these tips and tricks and thank us later!

Mascara tips for long eyelashes: Check out the instructions!

mascara tips for long eyelashes makeup tricks ideas instructions 2023

You want some long and voluminous eyelashes? So here are some quick and easy mascara tips to help you have this captivating look!

Step 1: Heat up your mascara tube

For best results, start your makeup routine with a quick cleanse. After that, immerse your closed mascara tube in a cup of warm water from the tap. Leave the tube for a few minutes while you apply your base makeup and style your hair. The heat turns your mascara from a sticky substance to a liquid that’s much easier to spread on your lashes.

Mascara tips: Step 2

mascara tips for longer eyelashes to try out in 2023 voluminous makeup tricks

Rotate the pen around in the tube instead of moving it up and down. When you pull the pen out of the tube, gently twist the bristles around the edge of the opening. This is how you remove the excess mascara and prevent your lashes from becoming weighed down.

Step 3: How to apply the mascara?

how to apply mascara for long voluminous lashes tips and tricks for makeup

Coating both the top and bottom of your lashes will help you define them. First, run the wand along the top of your lashes while looking down. Then swipe up to apply mascara to the bottom of your lashes. Wipe off if you have some mascara stains on your eyelids.

Tip: If you open your mouth slightly, your eyes will widen and you can apply the mascara more easily.

Mascara tips: Step 4

mascara tips and tricks on how to apply it to define your eyelashes

Applying too much mascara to the lash tips will weigh down your lashes throughout the day. Place the wand at the base of your lashes and gently move it from side to side and then up to the tips. This movement applies the mascara to the base and allows the tips to curl.

Step 5: How to use the wand vertically?

how to apply mascara correctly makeup tips

Typically, you apply mascara by holding the wand horizontally with the bristles pointing up and down. For longer lashes, hold the wand up and down and apply a few lashes at a time, with the bristles pointing to the side.

  • Mascara tricks for full and long lashes: Holding the wand horizontally makes the lashes look fuller and holding it vertically makes them look natural and long.
  • It’s easier to apply mascara to the upper lashes by holding your hand vertically and drawing the wand up over your lashes.
  • Place a tissue under your bottom lashes when you pull the wand down to avoid smudging your face.

Step 6: Experiments with different colors

Color accents or neutral combinations can make your lashes look longer. First apply a layer of black mascara, then use a brush to brush dark brown color along the tips of the lashes and finally apply black color again. This adds dimension to the lashes without being flashy.

  • You might not want to use colored mascara on a daily basis, but it’s certainly a great alternative for a night out.
  • Try using a neutral color like black or brown and then tinting your lashes with a light shade or gold and silver for a little bit of sparkle.
  • For lighter hair colors and coppery reds, use brown mascara. For all other hair colors use black. Emphasizing your natural hair color makes it look more natural.

Final step of the Mascara tips

should i apply baby powder to my lashes mascara tips and tricks women makeup 2023

Brush your lashes with baby powder between applying mascara. Apply a layer of mascara and let it dry. Then dip a cottons swap and dust the top and bottom of your lashes. Apply another coat of mascara over the baby powder to turn it black again and almost double the length of your lashes.

  • You should have applied enough baby powder.
  • Clean your wand between dipping in baby powder and mascara to avoid clumping.
  • Keep an extra mascara wand handy for the baby powder so you don’t mess up your tube.

Now that you know all the mascara tips for long lashes, check out how to achieve the cloud skin makeup trend for a natural face.

How to grow your eyelashes?

how to grow my eyelashes with a massage tips and tricks

Massage your eyelids to stimulate their growth. You can naturally make your eyelashes grow longer. Massage with your fingertips in light circular motions near the roots of the lashes. This stimulates the hair follicles to grow stronger and longer. Combine your massage with natural oils for eyelash lengthening before bed. There are a few tricks in the book for mature women as well. If you want a natural eye-makeup with these tricks, check out how to achieve it over 50 if you wear glasses!


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