Pastel hair 2023: 14 inspiring looks + all you need to know about the shocking colour before getting it!

Written by Kristiyana Burdeva

When it comes to colour palettes, nothing beats pastel shades! Light, delicate and barely pigmented, they are the undisputed stars of any tasteful home decor and any somewhat romantic feminine outfit. But what about pastel hair? Well, they come in all shapes and sizes and are said to be on the rise again in early 2023!

Pastel hair—the ultimate shocking chic colour!


Pale and extremely soft, but at the same time dramatic, pastel hair colours give dimension to the hair and catch everyone’s eye. But can everyone adopt them and, above all, make them work to their advantage? It seems so, but not without a few grains of salt to take… So, here’s everything you need to know about this extraordinary colour!

How do I know if this colour will suit me?


Raven black and platinum blonde are not hair colours that just anyone can wear successfully, and the same goes for pastel hair colours. Fortunately, these mild muted shades offer a wide range of options from all corners of the spectrum that are quite versatile. Satin pink, Serenity blue, peachy beige cotton, lemon yellow, powdery heather or mint jasmine… There are many attractive shades to choose from, and you’re sure to find the right one for you! Or you can even blend two into one and get the Gemini hair colour! Trust me on this one.


Depending on your hair type and colouring technique, the length of your favourite haircut and the hairstyle you are wearing at the time, pastel hair can look totally bold, even cheeky, or it can look dreamy, almost fairy-like. Of course, the most important factor here is the wearer…

Who can wear pastel pink hair?


Firstly, bear in mind that you are particularly lucky if you have fair skin and a rather fresh undertone. This is the winning formula for making pastel hair work, and any shade will look great on you. Bear in mind that pastel pink is particularly flattering on your pale skin tone, whether it’s warm or cool. If you have a complexion with pink undertones, pastel green hair will not complement you.

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What pastel shades for medium skin tones?


Girls with medium skin tones and warm undertones can choose a peach shade that will bring out the warmth of their skin tone nicely. However, opting for the aesthetic contrast of aqua, lavender, or jade is an equally harmonious option. After all, who doesn’t want to turn into a mermaid!

Can dark skin adopt pastel hair?


Frankly, girls with dark skin are the least fortunate when it comes to adopting pastels, but that doesn’t mean they can’t handle them. The trick is that you’ll simply have to opt for a more saturated shade of your colour of choice! The less washed out pastels have an almost fluorescent effect and compliment all darker or lighter skin tones impeccably.

Other points to consider


Before adopting pastel hair, you should also consider your wardrobe. For example, do you wear a lot of black? Then watch out for ashy purple streaks, as this type of colour can end up making you look older. So avoid them if that’s not your goal.

You’ll need to bleach before you dye


If you’re starting out with blonde hair, you’re on your way to achieving the perfect pastel shade, effortlessly. However, if you have darker hair, your first steps will be more difficult, as you will need to bleach your hair first. In fact, the closer your highlights are to platinum blonde (or white), the better to achieve pastel hair! So make sure your hair is healthy before you take the plunge and get some hair protection products to use after bleaching and dyeing.

Preserving pastel hair is not easy


In the same vein, consider that pastel tones fade very quickly, and you need to change your hair care routine if you want to preserve them. Heat and shampooing remove colour from your strands even faster. You’ll probably need to space out your washes and minimize the use of straighteners and curling irons if you want to have beautiful pastel hair for as long as possible. Of course, regular touch-ups are also necessary for this purpose.

A more saturated candy pink looks great on many skin tones and shades


Boyish haircut idea taking advantage of all the pastel colours in the spectrum


Ashy heather in hair and Wednesday Addams makeup


A sweep from powder pink to lilac to adorn the long curly bob



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