What is the mauve hair color? Discover 11 stunning takes of the newest hair trend in colors for 2023!

by Kristiyana

Have you heard about mauve hair? Mauve is a beautiful hair color that is quickly becoming popular among a lot of women. It’s a unique shade that is both subtle and eye-catching, making it a great choice for those who want to stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re looking for a natural look or something more daring, mauve is a great option. In this article, we’ll explore what mauve is, and all the different shades and tones you can try with this amazing color. Let’s discover 11 stunning takes of the newest hair trend in colors for 2023!

What is the mauve hair color?

trendy hairstyles 2023_chocolate hair color

The mauve hair color is a blend of pink and purple tones that creates a beautiful balance between the two colors. It’s a flattering shade for all skin tones, as it adds just enough warmth to lighter skin tones and coolness to darker skin tones. The mauve hue can be toned down with ash or brown shades for a more natural look, or amplified with brighter pinks to create an edgier vibe. It all depends on what you are going for. Keep on scrolling to see some breathtaking takes on this hair color to choose from for yourself!

Chocolate mauve hair

chocolate-mauve_what is mauve hair color


Let’s start our stunning takes with this sweet, chocolaty version of the mauve color. To get the tasty look, you will need to have a scattered mixture of a light brown color, along with mauve and soft pink hues throughout your hair. By doing so, the tones will perfectly blend together, creating this one-of-a-kind hairstyle! Just keep in mind, that in order to maintain these vibrant hues, you will need to use a colour-preserving shampoo.

The dark mauve dye

dark hairstyles_trendy hair colors

Up for adding some subtle amount of mystery and intrigue to your appearance? Opt for dark mauve hair! Instead of going for a full change with your hair color, add some muted tones of purple to your brown or black hair. When you face the sun or are standing under a light, the beautiful plum color will shine through, showing your soft purple hues to the world. Awesome, right?

Ash mauve hairstyle

ash blonde_hair trends 2023

Looking to make a statement with your hair? Go for the ash mauve look! This smoky hairstyle blends together silvery tones with mauve to create a multi-tonal effect for the hair. To show off your ash mauve color, best to curl your hair into loose beach waves. Enhance its texture by scrunching some sea salt spray for a natural look.

The pink mauve tone

mauve pink hair_pink mauve hair

Do you want to make the big change with your hair color this 2023? Why not go full pink mauve?! This color is achieved by adding a cooler shade of pink on a neutral brown base. I personally love pink hair, and I myself wore the color all throughout 2021. Great look for the summer. But it is pretty high-maintenance! You will need touch-ups at least every two months because when your roots start showing it is not always pretty…

Dusty mauve hairstyle

dusty blonde hair_blonde hair colors

This take on the mauve dye is perfect for blondes or light brunettes. A light chestnut tone is used to achieve this look, with the help of some slight lilac hues. The dusty mauve look not only adds elegance and femininity to your whole appearance, but looks like a natural blend of colors as well. Want to try it?

Mauve champagne color

 champagne blonde_blonde hair trends

What about going for a mauve champagne color? This creamy tone will look different every time the light hits it, depending on the angle. Sometimes your hair can resemble the perfect golden champagne blonde, and other times it can look like a metallic mauve color. If you are looking for something that will surely get some heads turned (in a good way) this is the color!

Mauve highlights on dark hair

black hairstyles_purple highlights

Who’s up for adding some mauve highlights to their dark hair? With darker hair, you get the option of having the perfect canvas for bold and vibrant colors. Rejuvenate your look with some mauve highlights this year, and prove that not only blondes can pull off the colourful hair look!

Brown hair with mauve highlights

highlights for brunettes_highlights 2023

Adding some mauve highlights to your dark or light brown hair can really spice up your appearance. Opt for soft pink tones to blend in with your natural brunette color, and ask your colorist for red undertones to completely capture the look. A very feminine and stylish choice of hairstyle if you want to try the mauve color look this year.

Mauve highlights for blondes

mauve highlights_highlights for blondes

Everyone knows that when it comes to experimenting with hair dyes, blondes have it easier. Lucky them! Why not create a soft transition from your blonde hair to some eye-catching mauve highlights? This hairstyle will look ever better on ash blondes, as the hair will seem metallic! The highlights will make your hair seem fuller and will look fantastic in a braid.

The mauve hair color 2023

hailey bieber_hailey bieber hair

Have you recently noticed the talk over Hailey Bieber’s mauve hair? Well, this version of the mauve color is somewhat different from the ones we have already mentioned here. This color is more of a soft and mellow dark-blonde. It’s a muted tone, but it also adds shine to the hair. So, if you are interested in trying out this version of the mauve tone, opt for Hailey Bieber’s hair color!

Mauve is a beautiful, unique hair color that is perfect for those who want to add a bit of brightness to their look. With the right shade and proper maintenance, you can achieve a gorgeous mauve look that will turn heads everywhere you go. So don’t hesitate – if you’re looking for a new and exciting hair color, give mauve a try! And if you are interested in trying out some more 2023 hair trends, have a look at these 10 fabulous hairstyles. Enjoy girls!

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