Makeup mistakes that make you look older: 7 most common mistakes that you should avoid

by Kremy

Makeup is a wonderful way to enhance our natural beauty, transforming our facial features and hiding our age. However, we must be careful to avoid mistakes that can do the exact opposite and create an older look rather than a fresh and rejuvenated one. That’s why we’ve summarized the 7 most common makeup mistakes that make you look older.

These are the most common makeup mistakes that make you look older

The most common makeup mistakes that make you look older

We work so hard to avoid fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin, but we often don’t think about the fact that our makeup could increasing these problems. While there’s nothing wrong with aging, literally everyone does, sometimes the way you apply your makeup can have an unintended effect and the end result looks different than you imagined. If you’ve ever applied makeup hoping to achieve an even, smooth complexion, you know how frustrating it is when you feel like makeup is making your skin look worse. Keep reading to find out what the 7 most common makeup mistakes are and how you can avoid them.

Too dark and defined eyebrows

makeup mistakes that make you look older make eyebrows too dark


The eyebrows are an important feature of the face because they give it expression. That’s why it’s very important to make them look as natural as possible.

Eyebrows that are too dark or too pronounced can make you look older, stricter and “wrong”. If you make those super-perfect eyebrows, they may look good in photos, but in real life they will make you look very severe.

So be careful when buying an eyebrow product: the shade that suited you when you were younger may unintentionally make you look older now. We recommend you find a pencil that is a little lighter in color than the natural color of your eyebrows and apply a clear gel in the end.

Using a black eyeliner

Skip the black eyeliner if you want to look younger

Black eyeliner is considered one of the most classic makeup looks, but it can unintentionally draw attention to wrinkles that are around your eyes. That’s why we advise you to choose a colored pen in brown, dark green, blue or purple instead of black.

Applying the wrong foundation

Which foundation to use to avoid looking older

Powdered matte foundations can make your skin look older. So unless you have particularly oily skin, you should choose a liquid foundation instead. Choose one with a fresh, rosy finish. It will improve the overall appearance of your skin by making it appear more hydrated.

Resist the temptation to load your face with a thick, heavy coverage foundation, and instead look for luminous BB creams or tinted moisturizers that allow your natural skin tone to shine through. Then apply a creamy concealer to the imperfections and set with some translucent powder.

Makeup mistakes that make you look older: too much powder

most common makeup mistakes that make you look older apply too much powder


If we apply just the right amount of powder to our face, we can use it to cover wrinkles, acne and redness. However, one of the most common mistakes is to apply matte and setting powder everywhere. Even the finest powder can settle into the fine lines of your face and highlight them. Make sure to use a powder that is appropriate for your skin type (oily, dry, normal or combination). Keep the amount of powder to a minimum by applying sparingly to the T-zone and avoid the eye area at all costs.

Excessive coverage of under-eye circles

cover the eye bags with concealer carefully

Too much concealer can also unintentionally accentuate wrinkles, especially if you use a powder product. Therefore, we recommend that you choose a cream concealer and do not apply too much Also, to better cover dark circles under the eyes, make sure you apply concealer in the shape of a downward triangle and not in a semicircle under the eyes.

Another mistake many women make is choosing a shade that is too light. A concealer with a pink hue works best on fair skin tones, while a concealer with an orange-yellow hue works better on darker skin tones.

Too much or too little blush

Apply blush properly to avoid looking older

Blush is a makeup tool that can do wonders on your face. It gives a touch of youth and playfulness to your flushed cheeks. So don’t forget it, but be careful not to apply too much of it.

We recommend opting for powder rather than cream blush, which you can gently wipe away. With such a technique, you will achieve a rejuvenated look in a delicate way.

Apply to the higher parts of your cheeks for an uplifted look. The old theory of blush on the cheekbones just doesn’t work anymore for women over 40.

Makeup mistakes that make you look older: the color of the lipstick

carefully choose your lipstick color

Anything matte or nude can make your lips look non-existent and flat. These shades instantly take the life out of the face. You need something to refresh it.

Instead, opt for bold, daring colors that are closer to your natural shade, with hints of rose and raspberry to define your lips while adding a youthful blush. If you prefer a dark shade for an evening outfit, choose a glossy finish.




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