Common wedding decoration mistakes that you need to avoid

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Wedding decoration mistakes can certainly ruin the whole day! A beautiful wedding decoration requires a lot of careful planning and work. The decor combines a whole range of elements, each of which is unique in its own way. You may think – What can go wrong with the decor? Well, the answer is – everything!


Еvery bride will agree that the decor should be beautiful, aesthetically pleasing, stylish, different from the decor of other weddings and last but not least, within the budget. Let’s make it clear – when we say “wedding decor”, we mean a stylish and thoughtful design of the entire wedding space, which has a specific concept and color palette. Looking at photos on the internet you may have noticed that decor is everywhere but style and beauty are not.

What are the most common wedding decoration mistakes?

What are the most common wedding decoration mistakes


Most often mistakes happen due to lack of experience and knowledge. Yes, even if you hired a professional things may go wrong. This article is for brides who have decided to get serious about wedding decor, both independently and with the help of specialists and we shall try to help you avoid the traps and spend a fortune, because some mistakes are quite costly.

Mistake № 1 – Paying too much attention to decor

common wedding mistakes to avoid you should not pay too much attention to decor

Wedding industry comes with numerous proposals and we see fantastic decorations and amazingly beautiful decors. Very often the style of the wedding is associated primarily with the decoration – an unusual arch for the ceremony, designer invitations and printing, unique party favors, table decor, a sweet buffet, etc. To many the original decor means an excellent wedding and brides-to-be start thinking about a non-standard palette for the celebration or try to think of a unique theme. Focusing on every little detail, flower, accessory, etc. is necessary but it should not become an obsession. Sometimes it is necessary to understand that it is not possible to realize all the ideas. Yes, a great decoration will make you happy, but if you constantly worry about it, there is a good chance that you will ruin this special day and it is all about great mood, fun and being happy, right?

Mistake № 2 – Thinking that decor is not important at all

Thinking that decor is not important at all may ruin your wedding celebration

Decor? Is there a need for that? This mistake is the complete opposite of the first one and, sadly, it is more common. If you are really ready to close your eyes to the aesthetic side of the design and, in general, the decoration does not bother you much, then you really should not worry about it. However, every future bride should remember that the wedding is almost the main event in life and she needs to pay attention to the design. The decor sets the general mood and atmosphere of the celebration and makes the difference between a dinner in a restaurant and a special festive event.

Mistake № 3 – Trying to fit the wedding style, theme or color palette into the wrong interior/exterior

Do not try to fit your wedding theme into the wrong interior

This is a common mistake and a real problem for brides who choose a particular wedding style, theme or color palette and it turns out that there is no suitable venue for it. There is no need to try and decorate an inappropriate banquet hall. If you have chosen a rustic style wedding, a heavily decorated banquet hall with Baroque details, paintings, chandeliers, columns, curtains draperies and carpets is simply not your place! The same applies for colors. There is no need to spend time, energy and money for a venue that is not appropriate for your wedding. Instead of trying to remodel and re-decorate a banquet hall, it is better to look for a place that will match your ideas.

Mistake № 4 – Decorating what is already beautiful

Do not overdecorate what is already beautiful

Summer brides always have an option for a fabulous wedding in nature. There are magnificent places which do not need additional decor. There is no greater decorator than Nature and you do not need to add any “finishing touches” to a grand view! A minimal and simple decor – this is what will accent and emphasize the beauty of a mountain, beach, forest or a waterfall.

Mistake № 5 – Lack of style integrity

wedding decoration mistakes to avoid lack of style integrity

What does this mean? In simple words, this means – do not mix styles and decorations just because you liked a photo on the internet. For example, if you plan a classic wedding, you should resist the temptation to add rustic or boho style elements to the decor. Such elements will be completely inappropriate and it will look as if you are using the decorations from someone else’s wedding. The main rule is that wedding decor and all its elements must be in compliance with the general design concept, style, color or theme.

Wedding decoration mistakes № 6 – Not adding personal touches to your decor

add personal touches to your wedding decor

Wedding decor is supposed to express the individuality of the newlyweds. The goal is to distinguish your wedding from everyone else’s. The decor should reflect who you two are as a couple. Following stereotypes only means that your wedding will be indistinguishable from hundreds of others. Many decorators have standard design techniques and yes, they will show you beautiful photos, but just think! Is this really you? Will this make your special day unforgettable? Since it is your big day, make sure that there will be something unique and personal in your wedding decor.

Mistake № 7 – Inspiration by luxurious examples without enough funds

Inspiration by luxurious photos when limited in budget common wedding mistakes to avoid

The most inspiring wedding decor examples are among the most expensive. That is the reason why such designs are so attractive. The truth is that all these stunning, glamorous wedding decors that you see on the Internet, are created by incredibly experienced professionals with very expensive materials. There is nothing wrong with budget. There is nothing wrong with having a limited budget either. The problem is that a lavish, luxurious wedding decor with an abundance of exotic flowers, crystals, especially designed lighting, etc. costs a lot and simply cannot be done cheaply. If you have a limited budget then you should not pursue grandeur and aristocratic chic. It is important to find a really good professional who will offer you acceptable options for your budget.

Wedding decoration mistakes № 8 – DIY-ing everything with cheaper materials

common wedding mistakes to avoid DIY everything with cheaper materials

You may be experienced in DIY projects and easily cope with complex decorations with cheap materials from the craft stores. As we explained above, a wedding decor should be designed by professionals within your budget. In addition, do you really want to DIY-ing it all? Do you need additional stress and responsibility? There are so many things to think about, so many details and after all, you are the one getting married. You are supposed to have fun and enjoy the day and not worry about decorations. In addition, a unique wedding decor is created by combining colors, textures and details, so it is better to leave that to professionals.

Mistake № 9 – Trying to decorate several zones with a limited budget

Do not try to decorate several zones with a limited budget

When you have a modest or limited budget for wedding decor, you need to understand that you will not be able to afford decoration in every area of the banuet hall. Table centerpieces, chair decorations, wall decors, dessert station, dance floor, lounge area, etc, etc. Well, the best thing that you can do is focus your attention to one or two zones – a modest floral arrangement for the newlyweds’ table, string lights, balloons, etc.

Mistake № 10 – Give up floristry

do not give up floristry common wedding mistakes to avoid

Yes, fresh flowers are expensive but when it comes to wedding, floral decor is rightfully called the best. Fresh flowers, even in small quantities are far better than any paper or fabric decorations. Modest compositions for guests ‘tables and for the newlyweds’ table will make all the difference! When it comes to beauty, quality and style, floral decor has no equal!

Mistake № 11 – Not keeping within your budget

common wedding mistakes to avoid not keeping within your budget

This is one of the most common wedding decoration mistakes. It is understandable that you want the best decoration, but you have to set a budget for the decor and and stick to it. Otherwise there is a very good chance that you may end up with huge debts. Discuss your budget with your decorator, see what you can afford and make sure that all the arrangements are within the set limit.

Mistake № 12 – Neglect lighting

wedding decor mistakes to avoid neglect proper lighting

There is no doubt that lighting is an important element of the wedding decor. It can make it or break it. You need to know what type of lighting is available at the banquet hall and what types of additional lighting will be best. There are many options – candles, fairy lights, chandeliers, LED lighting, halogen lights, etc.

plan carefully your wedding decor wedding table settings

In conclusion, we can say that if you plan carefully your wedding decor, understand your venue, decide on a color palette, style or theme, pay attention to details, communicate with the professionals and keep within the budget, then you will have a fabulous and unforgettable celebration!



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