Super trendy colorful jelly nails ideas – how to do them at home?

Written by Kremena Ruseva

Why have jelly nails become so popular and what exactly are they? Jelly nails, or glass nails as they are often called, have been used in fashion shows for many years, and more recently they have become popular on Instagram.

red orange nails jelly effect

The latest nail art trend for summer is called Jelly Nails and to many it looks bizarre but the look is quite reminiscent of the iconic jelly sandals from the 80s that almost everyone wore in their childhood. Practical, transparent and glittery, these sandals have certainly marked the childhood of many. The good news for those who feel nostalgic is that the look is back… as a nail art! Neon colors, glitter details, various shapes and 100% plastic a… maybe jelly nails are not made for all tastes, but we have to admit that they look like summer! That is why it is not surprising that a good number of stars on the other side of the Atlantic are totally obsessed with the trend! Rather than a solid color and completely opaque false nail manicure, the “Jelly nails” have a colored and transparent plastic effect leaving the real nails visible underneath.

How to do jelly nails at home?

Jelly nails with eye catching or elegant designs

How to do jelly nails? The principle is really simple. To achieve the transparent and colorful look at home, you need clear nail tips, which are glued to the natural nails. You can choose from almond, square, rounded or ballerina shape and the color should preferably be neon. You need to glue a transparent clear nail tip over the natural nail and coat it with gel. The result is a funky, unusual, glassy and colorful transparent false nail manicure. Since the natural nails can be seen through the transparent tips, the whole process should be done very carefully and cleanly. So if you don’t have steady hands, we recommend that you get your nails done in a salon. If you do not have the time to sit in a salon, here is how to do jelly nails at home:

jelly nail art ideas neon colors manicure

The first method, which is also the fastest and easiest, is to order colored nail tips online and then just glue them on your nails. This saves you a lot of work and time, which can only be an advantage, especially in summer.

neon yellow nail polish with glitter nail trends summer

Those of you who do your own nails at home will need:

  • Clear nail tips
  • Clear nail glue
  • A clear base
  • Colored nail polish
  • high shine top coat


Clean and prepare your nails. Due to the fact that jelly nails are see through, make sure that your natural nails are as clean as possible.

Use the glue and press the nail tips over your natural nails and then bring them into the desired shape. Jelly Nails look particularly beautiful and eye-catching in either the almond or stiletto shape. The length of the artificial tips must exceed the length of your own nails.

Apply a clear base coat.

pink jelly nails elegant manicure ideas

Mix your colored and clear polish. Make sure that you get a sheer polish. The advisable ratio is about 2:1, clear polish to colored.

Apply the mixed polish.

It is recommended that you apply the nail polish in thin layers. The number of layers will vary depending on the proportion that you used.

Let your nails air-dry.

Apply a high shine top coat.

Jelly nails with eye catching or elegant designs

summer nail art ideas original manicure jelly nails

The bright neon colors are also one of the most popular fashion trends this year and that’s a good thing – they scream for summer. Playful and colorful, these jelly nails immediately put you in a good mood in the warm months.

What could be more glamorous than beautiful, shiny red nails? Red manicure is timeless and never goes out of style. Long, red jelly nails combine the classic with the cool transparent look and give your hands a special look.

summer nail art ideas for jelly nails

If you prefer minimalist nail designs, you can opt for wonderfully elegant jelly nails with small, delicate rhinestone decorations. This look goes great with any outfit and is even suitable for the office.

Rainbow jelly nails are a real eye-catcher and if you cannot decide on a certain color, this design is just for you! Each nail shines in a different neon color and the good summer mood is simply inevitable with this nail design.



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Jelly Nails short almond shape nail design

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How to do jelly nails at home

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