Mid-length bob hairstyles for older women: 12 trendy haircuts that will make you look younger!

by Kristiyana

The way a woman’s hair is styled and coloured reveals aspects of her personality and also helps identify her as a person. A lot depends on the haircut she gets. Many ladies in their 50s, 60s or 70s want to change their appearance by completely changing their hairstyle. You want to feel younger, and your hair can go a long way to help you achieve that feeling. In most cases, women of a certain age are advised to opt for a bob haircut (see below for different images), which gives an upbeat feeling and enhances the impression of a youthful spirit. We will show you the mid-length bob hairstyles for older women that are currently trending in 2023 and make you look younger!

Mid-length bob hairstyles for older women 2023


This is the classic version of the bob haircut, where the hair is cut to the same length and falls freely at the level of the jawline. Even at the age of 50, 60 or 70, with this haircut, you can always have a modern and contemporary look, as it is a hairstyle that never goes out of fashion.



You can wear your hair with either a centre parting or side parting, depending on what works best for you individually.

Trendy bob haircuts 2023 for older ladies


For ladies with straight hair, the blunt bob hairstyle is the ideal choice for a new haircut. With this bob, only a horizontal straight cut is added to the end, there are no other layers. The addition of bangs to a straight cut adds an aura of girlishness and youthfulness to the overall look. The bob cut gives you the impression of authority and at the same time makes you appear easy-going.

Sassy, layered A-line bob for ladies over 50, 60 or 70


The inverted bob is a daring hairstyle that consists of a short cut where the hair is cut shorter at the back of the head and longer towards the chin. The hair gets an update with this trendy hairstyle, which is sometimes also called an “asymmetrical bob” or “A-line bob”.


The inverted bob is undoubtedly at the top of the list of bob hairstyles for women over 50.

Mid-length layered bob hairstyles for curly hair


A bob is ideal for older ladies whose hair is very curly. Curly hair is notoriously difficult to style and requires special attention to get a hairstyle that is both polished and open. A bob haircut makes it easier to tame while bringing out the natural beauty of curly hair.

Layered bob with bangs cut for older women

Medium-Length Bob Hairstyles-For-Older-Women-Layered-Bob-With-Bangs-As-Trend-2023

A bob with bangs is perhaps the most fashionable hairstyle women have tried in recent years. Because nothing makes you look younger and at the same time more elegant and formal than well-cut bangs. This hairstyle is always fashionable because the layered bob cut with bangs is perfect for fine hair, and fine hair is often a problem for older people.

Mid-length layered bob haircuts for wavy hair


The wavy bob is a medium length hairstyle that has a lively quality. The layered bob will give you the impression of a youthful look and is a suitable cut for ladies with fine hair. Bob hairstyles look most flattering when styled with waves.

Trendy grey bob hairstyles for older women


There are moments when you have to take a step back to appreciate the changes. Make the most of your silver hair by getting a stylish cut made for people with grey hair. The ideal hairstyle for ladies over 50 is one that accentuates the wearer’s attractive face rather than the hair itself.


The main aim is to enhance the existing rather than replace it. This salt and pepper hairstyle is ideal because it meets all these requirements. Your eyes are the focus of the look thanks to the side parting and bangs, and your hair is sleek to keep the overall look polished and well-groomed.

Bob with bangs hairstyles for older ladies


This is the best bob with bangs haircut for older ladies, as it accentuates their natural attractiveness more than any other option.

Stylish mid-length feathered bob cut 2023


As it makes the hair appear more voluminous than it actually is, this haircut is very popular with ladies over 50, 60 or 70. The feathered cut is very easy to maintain. The look of the haircut is said to be reminiscent of the magnificent feathers of sophisticated birds. This effect is achieved by cutting the strands short and continuous at the sides and back. The textured layers look fantastic and greatly enhance the overall appearance.

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