Winter activities for kids: Ideas on how to have fun outside with your family!

by Anjelina

Winter break is one of the most long-awaited for any child. Along with the fabulous holidays and lots of presents, this is also the time for lots of games and fun. Winter activities can be many and various, especially when everything outside is covered with snow. Spending time playing outside is not only enjoyable, but it will also help children improve their immunity, and get a good night’s sleep. We’ve prepared lots of ideas for winter activities for kids to help you have a great family time, filled with wonderful moments that both the kids and you will remember with joy and a smile time after time!

Winter activities for kids – fun ideas

winter activities for kids playing and having fun outside

We know that big snow-drifts, cold weather and roads covered in ice may not sound like the most fun experience, especially for adults. You’d probably like to stay warm at home with a cup of hot chocolate and snuggled under a warm blanket while reading a book. Well, it would probably be great, but you also need to find time for family activities together with your children. You don’t want your kid to be bored, you certainly want them to be storing up memories and beautiful moments with you! That’s why you’ll need to put on the mittens, winter hat, scarf and jacket and get ready for lots of games and fun outside! Let’s face it, what other time of the year will you be able to implement your ideas if not during winter break? That’s right, we hardly have one in our hectic everyday lives! So get ready and check out our great suggestions!

Go sledding

go sledding having fun outdoors family time mum dad and son


Of course, we can’t help but start with sledding when talking about activities for children. It’s probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think of winter adventures. And there’s a reason why! Kids love it and will surely thank you if you take them to the nearest hill or mountain. The trip there will also be fun for both you and your children. However, you will most likely feel very tired afterwards, because after each slide, you will also have to go back dragging the sled. But the emotions are certainly worth it!

A snowball fight

winter activities for kids snowball fight having fun in the snow

When talking about winter activities for kids, we cannot help but mention snowball fights. It will bring you lots of positive emotions, laughter and smiles. You can play with a large group of people and split up into pairs. Kids will have to judge the throwing distance, they will become more catchy, and will also need to avoid the attacks of the opposing team. Overall, it’s a very good physical activity you should not underestimate!

Make a snowman

snowman making playing outside kid putting a hat on the snowman

The snowman is a symbol of winter that brings joy and smiles to children. Go outside in the garden or to a nearby park and make a snowman with your kids. Bring materials with you for decoration as well. Prepare a carrot for the nose, buttons for the eyes, charcoal for the mouth. Put sticks to be the hands of the snowman. Improvise and create! You can also try making other snow figures, which will also be fun and interesting for the children.

Go ice skating

go ice skating with children fun winter actitivity

Another typical winter activity that many people love is ice skating. During the colder months, many cities have ice rinks, both indoor and outdoor. Visit one of them, and we are sure that you will meet many happy people and good mood will be brought to you as well!

Help neighbors shovel snow

help neighbors shovel snow around the house in winter

Children always repeat their parents’ actions, so it is very important to teach them to do good things! Why not help some of your neighbors shovel snow around their house, because we know not many people can afford heating systems outside. It would be great, especially if there are elderly people living around you. Besides the good example you will set for your child, we are sure the people you have helped will thank you! You can even have a cup of warm tea together after a job well done!

Have a winter photo shoot

winter photo shoot family album beautiful memories

Go for a walk in nature and enjoy the wonderful winter landscapes that will be revealed to you. Capture the moments of joy and sincere emotions by taking lots of photos. Then you can add them to the family album and come back to this memory whenever you want!

Make frozen bubbles

winter activities for kids making frozen bubbles soap bubbles in winter frost piece of art

Kids love soap bubbles, but do they know what amazing works of art they make in the winter? Probably not, that’s why get out in the snow and start making soap bubbles. The effect the kids will observe will amaze them! An icy crust will appear on the bubbles, which, apart from being fun for them, is actually very beautiful to watch. Of course, you should also be prepared for the questions that will follow about how this is all possible and why it happens. This way you will be able to introduce your child to the laws of nature and physics in particular. To continue the lesson at home, take some snow and show them that it turns into water. Combine the useful with the pleasant!

Other creative ideas for spending time outside

roasting S’mores delicious children's favorite

Make snow angels

winter activities for kids making snow angels two kids having fun in the snow

Decorate a tree outside

decorating a tree outside with natural materials

Go for a family walk in the woods

going for a family walk in winter awesome landscapes

Go skiing in the mountains

winter activities for kids go skiing in the mountains children having fun during winter break

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