Christmas activities for kids – 20 free printable games and puzzles

by Kremy

christmas activities for kids fun ideas printable games

Christmas is the most exciting time for the children. Especially for small ones who believe in magic, in Santa Claus, the dwarfs and reindeer. Of course it is the time when they have their holiday vacation and spend a lot of time at home. We have collected some free printable games and puzzles to ease you with ideas for the Christmas Eve activities or any of the other vacation days. You can easily organize a small competition between your kids and their friends or make an enjoyable time for the whole family.

 free christmas printable games kids carols picture game


Since small kids might not be able to cut out shapes and figures themselves, they may need some help in that. What all children love doing is coloring different pictures. That is why free ideas for printable games are the perfect activity for them. Their older brothers or sisters could give them a hand in the cutting and then they would be more than happy to colour.

free printable games kids Christmas patterning

May be you have planned a big festive dinner and your kids could help you with hand-made place cards or even gift tags. Free printable games can be used for story telling or crafting menu cards for a children pajama party. Kids around the age of ten would easily find the hidden patterns in a more complicated geometric maze. What is most important is that everyone has a happy and memorable time at Christmas.

easy christmas word search kids activities christmas fun

cristmas activities for kids free printable games

cristmas activities for kids free printable games christmas word scramble

free printable games kids Christmas place gift tags

Free christmas printables children education write a story

christmas printable games kids story telling

activities children colouring sheets tree

activities kids games cut out snowflakes


Free Christmas activities and games kids coloring pages cut outs

printables letter to Santa


activities kids iceskating maze

Christmas free activities games kids Santa sack maze


free christmas games activities children angel maze


free christmas printable ornaments coloring pages kids

free Christmas activities and games kids word find


 Christmas printable games children word search

 printable games coloring christmas greeting card


   printable games word find puzzle

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