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20 easy and creative christmas crafts ideas for adults and children

by Kremy

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creative Christmas crafts ideas for kids adults christmas decor ideas

The holidays are the time when the whole family is gathering together, the house is full of people all the time and if the weather is not good enough for children to play outside they will be bored by noon time. A few creative Christmas crafts ideas will give you the chance to find them something to do and if you feel like it – you may take part in the fun.

napkin ring christmas table decoration idea kids paper crafts


Give yourself the gift of having some free time during the holidays. These creative Christmas crafts ideas for children will give you the time you need to have a rest in the afternoon and keep your children busy for a few hours. Besides you will have most charming holiday sparkle in your home! Children love to cut, glue and paint. Cut various figures – snowflakes, angels, stars – and let them craft meters of garlands. Colourful paper for cupcakes will turn into miniature trees. Ask the children to draw special holiday pictures for their grandparents and craft small handmade presents for their teacher.

creative Christmas crafts ideas for kids adults felt tree ornaments ideas

If you feel like keeping yourself busy during the holidays these creative ideas for Christmas crafts will help you with inspiration. Of course, you can always help your kids in whatever they are crafting and give them hints and how-to-do tips. Take a flower pot and paint it in white. It will immediately turn into a smiling snowman. Spools are perfect to pile and envision a glittering tree or use old door keys to craft merry Christmas decoration. Kids would love to decorate the holiday cookies. Let them help you and the cookies will be merrier. Create a memorable and enjoyable time for your children during the holidays.

easy christmas crafts for kids paper craft ideas DIY christmas decor

creative Christmas crafts ideas for kids DIY christmas greeting card ideas

creative christmas crafts ideas tree made of spools

creative christmas crafts ideas candle holders with evergreens

creative christmas crafts ideas candy cane holder from can

creative christmas crafts ideas small gifts for friends

creative christmas crafts ideas table decoration baubles

old keys tree decoration

creative christmas crafts ideas decorated candle

creative christmas crafts ideas cookie tree

creative christmas crafts ideas paper tree ornaments flowers

creative christmas crafts ideas decorating cookies candy canes

creative crafts trees of cupcake paper

 creative crafts theatre gift box for kids

creative christmas crafts ideas flower pot transormed into a snowman

creative crafts ideas tree made of music sheets

creative crafts ideas wine wrapping hat scarf

creative crafts ideas decorating glasses with knitted covers

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