Christmas home decorating ideas with garlands and swags

traditional style garland dressed banister

Garlands and swags are essential items in the holiday decoration. When it comes to Christmas home decorating ideas the market offers a lot but you may want to craft them yourself as well. We shall show you some festive garland and swag ideas with a modern look to the traditional charm.

Garlands, swags and inspirational Christmas home decorating ideas

 Christmas home decorating ideas Bay Leaf Garland

The most enjoyable part of the holidays – the festive decoration. Don’t you want to have the holiday spirit all around you? Lets drape your table, mantel, chandelier, staircase and doorways. We must not forget the windows and even the cupboards will look different with some splash of cheer! In case your decorating tastes are more toward natural items such as leaves and pine cones or using traditional elements – have a look at our Christmas home decorating ideas and find your inspiration.

Christmas home decorating ideas – how to chose your type of garlands

Customized ready made pinecone garland with ornaments

Whether sophisticated or discrete, garlands add to the festive atmosphere of the holiday. They can be single long pieces of evergreens or small accent pieces of ornaments, flowers, lights. When choosing evergreens it will be a good idea to get two types of green – light and dark. That will have a unique visual effect. If you haven’t got a staircase to decorate – turn to small places – picture frames, mirrors, lighting and various unexpected spots. Anything you have available is suitable to create a holiday garland. Our Christmas home decorating ideas will give you some hints and show you some interesting and original details. Glue snowflakes to silver ribbons and hang them from the chandelier, use different types of flowers to thicken your garlands of evergreens and give them a new flowery look, tie elegant knots on your dining chairs – whatever pleases you and works for you.

Christmas home decorating ideas accent chair swag silver ribbon

  Every spot is good enough

Christmas home decorating ideas every spots is fit for garland

A combination of evergreens and flowers

felt flowers garland

The chandelier becomes a festive focal point

festive focal point chandelier garland

with a silk ribbon and ornaments

garland with ribbon and ornaments

 A glittering pink for the mantel

Glittering Pink Christmas Garland mantel

 Graceful bows with long tails and evergreens

Graceful bows with long tails

 magnolia, cedar and lavender

layered garland magnolia cedar lavender

framed letters

message garland framed letters

A modern style Christmas snowflakes

Modern style snowflake

A Nature inspired traditional front door Christmas garland

Nature inspired traditional front door

Pinecones and Greens

 Pom Pom and Flower blue red

ribbons and wreaths feston garland

 small pieces of accent


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