Christmas wall decoration ideas – nice and easy family activity

by Kremy

Christmas wall decoration ideas stockings and wreath

For each and everyone of us Christmas is a special period of the year. Time to be with our friends and beloved family. And before we put anything under the tree we need to create the wonderful atmosphere of this holiday by decorating the walls. Today we shall show you some Christmas wall decoration ideas that you can turn into a family activity and a game for your children.

Festive cheer with Christmas wall decoration ideas

 wall art tree


With the Holidays at the door you probably expect lots of guests and family to arrive. Ask the whole lot to help you in designing your own festive cheer. Festive decorations are quite often a family tradition and people keep it all their lives. There is, however, a belief that we should add something new to our decor every year. Christmas wall decoration ideas are so many and so beautiful that we want to have all of them in our house. Create your own unique holiday decor and enjoy the time with your family.

Christmas wall decoration ideas for every taste

Crafty wood tree

Artistic, traditional, modern, minimalist or lavish – personalize your wall and window decorations for Christmas. You can cut paper garlands with trees, snow flakes, dwarfs or stars. You may glue the picture of the tree that your child painted or a whole scene with Santa, the deer and dwarfs. Another idea would be to use the X-mas cards to add to your holiday spirit. They bring the love of your friends and it would be wonderful to look at that, wouldn’t it? Do not forget the walls of your kids room. The school coat hanger is perfect to be decorated for the joy of our little ones. Invite the holiday magic in your life with the help of our Christmas wall decoration ideas.

 garland on wall christmas decoraration

  Ornaments forming a tree in a frame

Christmas ornaments forming a tree


Christmas tree made of post it notes 

Christmas tree post it notes

   Holiday wall decoration – dishes with letters

Christmas wall decoration dishes

X-mas theme wall stickers

Christmas wall decoration ideas stickers

  Holiday presents as wall decoration

Christmas wall decoration ideas wrapped presents

Festive spirit at school

Coat hanger wall decoration for Christmas

 Santa and music notes picture

wall decoration christmas santa music notes

 Easy X-mas wreaths

Easy to make

 Christmas presents pictures

 frames as presents

Window shaped wall decoration

Mafnigicent wall window shape

traditional christmas wreaths wall decoration



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