Beautiful outdoor Christmas wreaths to keep the traditions alive

by Kremy

traditional round wreath with apples

In many countries outdoor Christmas wreaths are used as a holiday ornament and especially as holiday decoration. Wreaths have deep roots in history and symbolize strength as they were made of evergreens and evergreens last through harshest of winters.

outdoor wreaths apples


Nobody can say when the first wreath was hung on the doors and walls. It is believed that the tradition begins when a Greek athlete decided to keep his olympic wreath as a souvenir and hung it up on a wall in his home. Back in time wreaths made of evergreens and flowers were handcrafted for happy occasions like weddings, in Rome they were a fashionable head decoration, kings wore them after battle victories. Nowadays outdoor Christmas wreaths keep and honour the ancient traditions.

Eco friendly interesting paper wreath

By hanging a wreath on our door we welcome the coming holiday. Traditional outdoors Christmas wreaths are round and symbolize eternity – there is no beginning and no end. They can be made of leaves, flowers, fruits wrapped in evergreens or branches in the traditional green and red. Nowadays the materials may be made of any material – burlap mesh wreath, from Eco friendly to lotus pods. It is not necessary for them to be round. Having a star-shaped wreath, square or triangular does not diminish the holiday welcoming on our threshold. Colours also may be gold, blue, purple and you may choose the style of your wreath as per your personal taste. You can add personal notes for your friends and family and share the spirit of the holiday.

beautiful wreath with silver stars

christmas wreath made of yarn threads

customised wreath with family pictures

golden and green

outdoor evergreens with holiday messages

outdoor wreaths white and blue

outdoor wreaths with skates and snowflakes

Outdoor Ornament decorating ideas

star shaped christmas wreath with ornaments

snow white marshmallows

white and red round

simple christmas wreath made of bare branches and ribbon

pinecones and birds

 round evergreen and ornaments

traditional colours wreath green red

unique of cork

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