Let the magic begin with unique outdoor Christmas lights

by Kremy

Glittering front door holiday light

Nowadays outdoor Christmas lights are everywhere – we are so used to see them on the streets, on the community holiday tree, in the neighbour’s yard or windows. Can you imagine Christmas without them? How would Santa find his way in the dark to deliver the presents to the kids if we didn’t help him? And yes, these tiny glittering coloured lamps cast a spell on everyone and you can’t help smiling when you see them.

The tradition of outdoor Christmas lights

A warm welcome with lit lanterns


Outdoor Christmas lights have not been here for as long as the holiday exists. We have to go back to the middle of 17th, beginning of 18th century when small candles were used to light up the festive tree. Two centuries later, after being established in Germany, this tradition began spreading around Europe. And it all changed when Thomas Edison invented the first light bulb back in 1879 and a few years later he published his brochure where he promoted electrically powered Christmas lights. After most households were supplied with electicity, it didn’t take long before the lamps became a symbol of the Holiday along with the traditional ones and every family had them.

Outdoor Christmas lights designs

white shaped tree lights

Lots of families hang Outdoor Christmas lights and along with the rest of the holiday decoration it has become a tradition. You can have a magical and fabulous outdoor display by looking at the ideas we have for you. The outdoor decorations have to apply to one simple rule, though, and we remind you that the most important thing is to be safe. Once you are sure about safety – you may decorate your outdoor space with candles, lanterns, glittering garlands and have a magical result with the dancing lights.

candle filled buckets and christmas tree

 A cherub holding a fantastic glowing bouquet

Cherub holding a light Bouquet


  Holiday lamps wrapped round a wire form

lights wrapped round a wire form

 Glittering fence

outdoor Christmas lights fence

 Green garland for the X-mas porch

outdoor Christmas lights glittering garland

 Spectacular hanging icicles

outdoor Christmas lights hanging icicles

 Romantic lantern pendants

outdoor Christmas lights lantern pendants

 Illuminated fence lanterns

outdoor Christmas lights luminous lanterns

 Shining snowballs in an urn

outdoor Christmas lights snowballs in an urn

 A bright starry sky

outdoor Christmas lights stars bright lights

 Paper bags as a festive path

paper bags christmas lights

 Baskets filled with silver stars and wrapped in X-mas lights

StarryX-mas Nights Baskets filled lights

 Romantic holiday lanterns on the front door

Outdoor Decor christmas decoration lights



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