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The best Christmas tree – how to choose the right one of all types

by Kremy

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 choosing the best Christmas tree

You want a real tree for Christmas? And you want it to be the best Christmas tree? The variety of trees on the market is sometimes confusing and it is quite difficult to decide which is the right one for us because all of them differ. Here is some useful advise before choosing the perfect tree for you. It is up to you to decide which type of tree you are going to have. Remember that their greatest advantages are the fragrance, easy maintenance and if you had it potted it would last for many years.

nordmann fir tree


There are several main types of trees. Fir, Pine and Cedar. In general the branches of fir trees are stronger which makes it the best Christmas tree for you if you want to hang a lot of large ornaments. Fir trees have a distinct scent and are easier to decorate since they have extra space between the branches. Most common varieties of fir trees are Douglas Fir, Fraser Fir, Grand and Noble Fir.

Douglas Fir is dark green, usually shaped as a pyramid. It will provide a lot of space to nestle in garlands and lights. Brightly colored garlands will be a good idea when decorating a Douglas Fir tree.

douglas- fir-tree

Douglas Fir Needles

Fraser Fir is more slender, compact and resembles a slender cone. Perfect for smaller places -kitchen, bedroom or apartment. Fraser Fir is deep green on top turning to silvery white on bottom and has a rich fragrance.

fraser fir tree

Fraser tree needles

Grand Fir – shaped as a cone with shorter needles. Grand fir tree is neat, tidy and compact and would be your perfect choice if you wanted to display and focus on lots of ornaments. Grand fir will look great if draped in ribbon and lights.

picking the best christmas tree

grand fir tree needles

Noble Fir – it is deep green with blueish touch in colour and is a perfect tree for Christmas. The branches are strong but the needles are not too sharp and it is easily decorated.

The Eastern White Pine has a soft shade of green in colour ans shaped as a long cone. Its needles are long and have a fresh fragrance. The Eastern White Pine is going to be the perfect Christmas tree if you have decided to decorate it in a contemporary style.

Eastern White Pine

Scotch Pine is coloured in pretty green and is the most popular type of Christmas trees. It is perfect if you wanted it to be your main focal point and will easily bear large ornaments – coloured balls and lights.

Scotch Pine tree Close

searching best tree for christmas scotch pine

scotch Pine needle

Virginia Pine is medium to dark green. Less structured in appearance, although it retains its shape and has beautiful needles. Icicles and crystals will suit perfectly to that tree as well as same coloured garlands.

Virginia pine tree

virginia pine tree needles

virginia pine tree cone

Eastern Red Cedar is shaped as a slender cone and is medium green. Provides great rich fragrance and is perfect for nature-inspired or rustic style decoration

eastern red cedar tree shape

Eastern Red Cedar Close up

eastern red cedar tree branches


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