Felt Christmas tree ideas – kids-friendly Christmas decorations

by Kremy

how to make a felt christmas tree table decoration ideas

Felt Christmas tree ideas are a great way to make your own design which is kids friendly and safe. It is cheap, colorful and easy to use material that can be used for hundreds of DIY Christmas craft projects. Families with little children know that there is nothing better than getting ready for Christmas with the help of the little ones. Why not take a new approach and have some Christmas fun?

Felt Christmas tree ideas – no sew

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Felt Christmas tree ideas give you the opportunity to involve your children in decorating the house without worrying that they will break your precious glass ornaments or get hurt. You know that children are most eager to help in all the Christmas activities and if you gave them their own Christmas tree they will be more than happy to decorate it. You can even craft your own felt Christmas ornaments which kids can arrange and rearrange as much as they like. Felt is a great material for Christmas crafts as you can cut out different shapes and the variety  ideas offers projects suitable for toddlers, small or big kids. Felt Christmas trees can be mounted anywhere – on a wall, on a cabinet door, on an interior door or another place accessible for children. How to make a felt Christmas tree? What you need is a piece of green felt for the tree and colorful felt pieces for different felt ornaments. Here is a list of materials:

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  • Green felt
  • Colorful felt for ornaments
  • Scissors
  • Double sided poster tape (to adhere tree to the wall)
  • hot glue gun
  • chalk or marker

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Fold the green felt in half and draw the shape of a Christmas tree with a chalk or a marker. Cut along the lines and unfold. Use some double sided poster tape to hang the tree on the wall and let the kids decorate it.


Felt Christmas tree ideas

tabletop christmas tree ideas

There are many cute felt Christmas tree ideas which can be used as mantel decoration, table decoration, even table centerpieces. These ideas are suitable for children at pre-school age, as there is some cutting involved. Here is a list of materials:

  • a paper cone;
  • strips of green felt
  • strong adhesive or hot glue gun
  • beads or tiny felt ornaments.

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Each strip of felt is coated with an adhesive on the rear and then glued up the paper cone so that no paper is visible underneath. You can make more than one felt Christmas tree and even opt for in different colors. When you group them together they will be a beautiful accent and you will have a mini Christmas forest. Look at the ideas in the gallery below and choose your fantastic felt craft.

 diy tutorial instructions

how to make felt ornaments

 easy diy christmas decoration ideas

 diy felt ornaments ideas

 diy felt christmas ornaments

 diy felt ornaments ideas

how to make a felt christmas tree diy craft ideas

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