Christmas Eve box ideas – make a very special night before Christmas

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Christmas Eve box ideas vary depending whether they are meant for babies, toddlers, children or adults. We will give you different Eve box ideas to make the night before Christmas even more special. What is a Christmas Eve box? What to put in it? We will try to help you with cool and cute ideas which will add to the magic of the Christmas holidays.


Christmas Eve box ideas – magical Christmas spirit and fun

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Each family has its own traditions for Christmas Eve and Christmas day but adding some Christmas magic to the holidays is always a good idea and here some creative ideas come to aid. Christmas is the holiday that children wait with greatest eagerness and while adults are focused on the festivities, the menu, the decoration, the greetings, it is the little ones who wait for Santa Claus and the reindeer to bring the Christmas presents. Some families let the children open just one present on Christmas Eve, while others prefer the Eve box as a special treat. The whole idea of the Christmas Eve box is to open it together with your child and spend some fun time while waiting for Santa Claus. What to put in the Christmas Eve box? We will help you with ideas which will give you the opportunity to enjoy a magnificent, festive evening and fun time together.


Add the Eve box to the joyful Christmas spirit

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As we said, Christmas Eve box ideas come in a wide variety depending who will receive them. Typically, the most popular Christmas Eve box ideas are for the children, although you can choose a personalized Christmas Eve box for your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend. We shall focus your attention on Christmas Eve box ideas for children since this is the most special holiday in the year for them. So, what to put in a Christmas Eve box for children? The right answer is – anything. Of course, there is no need to buy anything expensive, just little treats and goodies that you know your children or grandchildren love. When you want to give each child of the family a personalized Christmas Eve box, you can choose a variety of small gifts and there is no need to put one and the same things in the boxes, especially if you know the interests and the tastes of each child.

night before christmas box for kids

You can buy a Christmas Eve box from the store or craft a special personalized one as a DIY project. In most craft stores you can find wooden boxes which you can decorate with Christmas motifs, snowflakes, wooden letters, stars, glitter, etc.

pyjamas for kids night before christmas box

Pajamas are a lot of fun as they are colorful, joyful and kids look adorable in them. Moreover, you can make beautiful pictures of your kids, dressed in the holiday pajamas and opening the presents on Christmas morning.

christmas tree christmas book

Add a story book to the Christmas Eve box and read it to your child in bed or get a Christmas movie and watch it with the kids. This is a great way to have some family fun, especially if you add a pack of popcorns.

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You can add the final advent gift in the Christmas Eve box as well. It can be anything – from cookie dough to coloring pages, depending on the age of your child. Craft activities are a lot of fun for children and even the youngest ones can bake some cookies for Santa with your help.

santa key night before christmas ideas

Nowadays, many little children ask how would Santa bring the presents when there is no chimney? If you live in an apartment building, you have heard this question at least once. Decorate an old key with some beads and sparkle and it immediately becomes Santa’s Magic Key! Make sure that the kids hang the key outside the door before going to bed.

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A Christmas Eve box may contain cookies or reindeer food. In this way the children will have a sweet treat and if you haven’t got the time for baking special cookies during the day, the children can leave one of those for Santa. You can even add magic reindeer food in the box which will guide the reindeer to your house. Mix cookie crumbs with some glitter and there you are – your magic reindeer food is ready to be sprinkled on the driveway.

gingerbread house kit night before christmas box

You can buy a Gingerbread house set and spend the evening making and decoration the house. On one hand it is a great activity for kids and they will enjoy decorating the house on their own. Remember to take photos as these are the most precious moments and holiday memories.

hot chocolate with marshmallows

A Christmas mug and sachets of hot chocolate is one more thing that you can add to your special Eve box. You can even add special labels, make sure you have one for Santa Claus, and leave a cup of hot chocolate for him on a visible place near the Christmas tree.

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The Christmas Eve box is a great way to give new stockings to the kids and hang them on the mantel. Personalized stockings are a lot of fun and you can even add mommy’s and daddy’s stockings in the box.

night before christmas box

You can add a small toy or a Christmas tree ornament as an extra special decoration. Remember that children believe in magic and you can make a simple wooden toy into the most magical Christmas toy. If your children prefer plush toys – a little Teddy bear or a reindeer, cat, dog – something cuddly – will do the trick!



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