DIY Easy Christmas crafts ideas – beautiful stars and angels

by Kremy

Christmas crafts ideas paper crafts christmas angels

One of the more significant holiday symbols are the stars and the angels. The Christmas star which we also call the star of Betlehem reveals the birth of baby Jesus. And angels have their important role as they appeared high above Bethlehem to joyfully announce Jesus’ birth. Stars and angels are widely used as tree toppers and elements of the holiday decoration. Look at the easy Christmas crafts ideas below and find your inspiration for crafting them on your own.

Easy Christmas crafts ideas – beautiful stars

DIY Easy Christmas crafts ideas cookie cutter ornaments


Stars can be crafted not only as toppers but as a special holiday craft project. We are all fascinated by the shine of the stars. Lets not forget that Christmas is one of the merriest and most expected time of the year for the kids. Using these easy Christmas crafts ideas and with a little help from your side the children will have a wonderful project and quality time during the holiday. Stars can be crafted of paper, felt, play dough, plaster, salt dough, even star-shaped cookies will be beautiful ornaments. Add starts to gift wrappings, or give them as a small present to each of your guests over the holidays.

Easy Christmas crafts ideas for angels

easy Christmas crafts ideas christmas angel ornament DIY

Angels also have their importance as a holiday symbol. Our easy Christmas crafts ideas will tip you how to craft them and use them as tree ornaments, or glue them on the cards. Your kids can cut out angel silhouettes and use a decoupage technique to decorate jars, plates or glasses. Angel-shaped cookies are also fun to make. With a festive ribbon they will make fantastic edible decoration. Another cute idea is to make angel figures from plaster and ask the children to paint and colour them. Create unique holiday time moments for your kids, family and friends.


easy Christmas crafts ideas how to make christmas angel

 Cute angel for the festive decor

easy Christmas crafts ideas for kids paper crafts christmas angel


 DIY tree ornaments

diy christmas tree ornaments paper craft ideas doilies angel

 Angel figures paper collage

DIY Easy Christmas crafts ideas angel paper collage

 Felt stars window decoration

felt stars decorate window

Christmas crafts ideas – metal star decorated with pearls

Christmas crafts ideas metal star decorated with pearls

Painted angel figures

Easy Christmas crafts ideas painted angel figures

 Easy to make paper angel

Easy Christmas crafts ideas paper angel decoration

 Paper stars are perfect for gift wrapping

Easy Christmas crafts ideas paper star for wrapping

A festive star on the front door wreath

Easy Christmas crafts ideas star on wreath

Wooden angels tree ornament

DIY Christmas crafts ideas wooden angels

 A red star felt ornament


A star tree ornament made of fabric

DIY crafts a star made of fabric

DIY crafts star cookies forming a tree

DIY Easy crafts angel made dried pasta

DIY Easy crafts paper angel tree ornament with rim

DIY Easy Christmas crafts ideas angel cookie



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