15 creative and beautiful ideas for Christmas wine wrapping

Written by Kremena Ruseva

Christmas wine gift wrapping ideas red ribbon beads stones

Are you expecting many guests for Christmas? Do you have friends who would appreciate a good bottle of wine as a holiday gift? Or perhaps you would like to give a small gift to your boss? Either way you may wonder about beautiful and creative ideas for the Christmas wine wrapping.

Christmas wine wrapping ideas when we give a bottle as a present

how to wrap wine as christmas gift creative wine wrapping ideas

The least of all, by wrapping a bottle of wine when we give it away, we show our respect to the person it is intended to. Instead of wasting your time pondering on ideas for Christmas bottle wrapping and how to add you personal touch and attitude, look at the ideas we have for you. Get some cards with seasonal wishes and attach them to the bottle. A ribbon in traditional red or green with a jingle bell will add festivity to your wrapping and you will add an aesthetic pleasure to your gesture.

Christmas wrapping for a home party or dinner

christmas gift ideas wine wrapping ideas gift wrapping

For more festive spirit when celebrating Christmas you may think it will be a good idea to pair your wine decoration with the one you created in your home. If you have decided to use handmade home decor then you are gifted enough to craft your decoration too. Cut some paper winter ornaments and glue them to the bottles, use old sweaters or wool socks and decorate them with ribbons and tiny ornaments. Why not organize a wine party and decorate bottles for red and white wine in the relevant colours. Some red paper will help you craft a Santa Clause costume for your red wine bottles while white paper can be used for the ones with white wine. Silver spray paper stars and glue them to the bottles to emphasize the festivity of the season. All these ideas will help you with the Christmas wrapping and you will celebrate this wonderful holiday in style.

DIY christmas gift wrapping ideas wine wrapping ideas sweater upcycling ideas

 Holiday bottle wrapping in traditional Christmas red and white colors

Christmas wine wrapping ideas christmas gift ideas red white

  Original bottle wrapping idea

how-to-wrap-the-Christmas-wine-holiday motif fabric and ribbon

A textile wrapping with a matching stylish sparkling clasp

how to wrap-the-Christmas-wine-sparkling-clasp

Idea with festive paper flowers

how to wrap-the-Christmas-wine-paper flowers red white

Glue mistletoe and cones to decorate your Christmas bottles

how to wrap the Christmas wine glue mistletoe and cones

Winter -season holiday paper cut outs and shiny ribbons

how to wrap the Christmas wine glue seasonal pictures

Paper costumes and hats for the bottles 

wrapping paper santa costume

 Traditional Christmas colours and a festive card

 traditional red wool tartan ribbon

 knitted socks and ribbons

wine wrapping stylish personal greeting red ribbon

wrapping handmade wine decoration


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