Boxcar Planter by Urbilis – a contemporary home decor with Nature look

by Kremy

modern home interior decorating ideas boxcar planter urbilis

A new creative vision for the contemporary home decor has been presented by Urbilis – the Boxcar Planter. Urbilis bring the green into the modern urban living with carefully crafted products which are suitable for both small or large living spaces. It is common knowledge that plants increase the levels of oxygen but what is more important they help us create an atmosphere of calm, and even in limited spaces green plants add to the beauty of the place.

contemporary decor ideas elegant design natural walnut and bone white


We all know that planters are an essential item in every interior or exterior and they have to be chosen with care. The planter is not just a wooden box or a pot for keeping our flowers in it. Indoor or outdoor Boxcar Planter will look elegant and sophisticated which is the aim of the contemporary home decor by Urbilis. In a patio or a studio apartment the planter will find its right place. Look at the options of the boxcar series and find the right one for your house.

modern house decor urbilis planter solid wallnut wood

Boxcar is a modern planter, perfect for succulents. It is made from solid walnut and featuring bone white or other colour accents. Designed as three separate planters, it will be a spectacular tabletop centerpiece or a fantastic addition to your windowsill. You can plant your flowers into the stainless steel inserts and create a stylish focal point in your living room or porch. With its clean lines and modern forms and materials, the Boxcar set will add the finishing touches to the modern home decor.

modern stylish boxcar planter Urbilis colour combinations

modern house decorplanter solid wallnut wood urbilis

modern home plantersoutdoor urban gardening

modern house planters for patio windowsill table centerpiece

contemporary decor natural walnut planter succulents

contemporary stylishplanter succulents urbilis

contemporary stylish three inserts

creative stylish home decor ideas succulents

ash and green

stylish design

stylish design

  stylish ash and green

Stylish and modern solid walnut wood bone white


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