10 important elements of contemporary home interior design

by Kremy

modern living room design pendant lamps wall art paintings

Have you ever wondered what “modern” and “contemporary” mean in terms of design? It is a fact that we live in a hectic time and we all see how various objects change their shapes, lines and sizes and reflect the dynamics of everyday life – from our cars, the appearance of our houses, to the way we perceive our surroundings. It is inevitable that most of us live in a “modern” way and our homes reflect the lifestyle of the time. We shall review 10 of the most important principles of contemporary home interior design that have become basic rules for designers.

 Contemporary home interior design and modern architecture details

modern home architecture cantilevered wood roof skylight


Architecture, just like contemporary home interior design, reflects the life trends and nowadays you will notice the big difference between “traditional” and ”modern”. Modern architecture does not feature heavy ornaments, curves, complex lines and shapes which we associate with traditional or historic buildings. Quite the opposite – straight, clean lines or pure curvilinear silhouettes are characteristic for modern buildings. Rooflines have become flatter and there is an overall idea to blend in a modern home with the surrounding nature. Windows also have become a part of this trend and contemporary homes feature huge floor to ceiling windows that allow the exterior inside the home.

modern home architecture straight lines outdoor lighting

contemporary house architecture flat roof straight lines

contemporary home interior design straight lines

contemporary patio design straight lines modern outdoor furniture

Contemporary interior design and natural light

modern apartment living room contemporary home interior design

Light is physiologically essential for the human existence. Natural light has a direct impact not only on the surrounding area, but also, on our health. Science has proven that people need natural light just like plants do. The importance of natural light in contemporary interior design is another major principle of modern interior design. Large windows, skylights, floor to ceiling panorama windows not only allow nature to be a background for the interior design but let in an abundance of natural light. The separate dark rooms of the past have been transformed into light and airy rooms.

natural light modern home interior design contemporary furniture

natural light modern apartment interior design ideas

natural light in modern home design large windows light color flooring

lmodern open plan apartment floor to ceiling windows natural light

white kitchen furniture airy space modern kitchen design

Just like modern home architecture, the design of furniture reflects the spirit of time. Contemporary furniture pieces are lighter, not only in weight, but in appearance. Modern and traditional materials are combined in furniture designs which look elegant and stylish, yet they are also very functional.

 moden bathroom interior design minimalist style

airy bedroom contemporary home interior design

contemporary home interior design white color airy space

contemporary home interior design natural materials cork wall

In compliance with the growing trend for green architecture and interior design, the use of natural materials is becoming more and more popular. Organic materials find their place in modern interior and exterior design and are no longer limited to wood. Leather, cotton, wool, natural linen, slate, stone, cork – these can be seen in patios and as decorative accents in the contemporary interior and exterior.

modern living room interior design natural wood furniture  natural materials house interior design glass wall natural stone wall

contemporary home interior design natural materials stone wall

modern exterior design wooden patio deck jacuzzi

contemporary exterior design ideas outdoor pond waterfall natural stone

contemporary home interior design bedroom interior neutral colors

Interior designers often recommend the use of subtle colors which are often called “neutral”. Such colors as gray, brown, blacks and white are the perfect base for the contemporary home interior. Neutral colors are not necessarily boring and monotonous. Flooring and furnishings in subtle colors are accented by strong accents and complemented by the metal shine of stainless steel.

Red accents in modern dining room contemporary home design

modern living room interior black white red armchair accent

modern interior design elegant bedroom in neutral colors

Modern bathroom design neutral colors white cream

contemporary home interior design neutral colors purple accents furniture wall art

modern interior design contemporary area rugs freestanding fireplace

The general concept of airiness, space and light leads to more and more minimalist interiors. The idea of “less clutter” is expressed with fantastic modern finishes like hardwood flooring, ceramic tiles, stone and marble. The coziness and comfort of modern homes features original area rugs which define and separate the different zones of the home. They are very popular for living rooms and dining rooms which are usually united by the open floor plan.

Morden rugs area divider ontemporary interior design ideas

modern area rugs home interior design ideas

contemporary wood flooring light color

contemporary interior design ideas open floor plan hardwood flooring

open floor plan interior design ideas modern home

Contemporary house plans feature open, flexible floor space, which unites the living areas of the family in one “grand area”. Living room, dining room, kitchen – all of them fit into the new meaning of the definition “great room”. The zones are smoothly blended, the strict functional barriers are blurred and the space is transformed and used effectively as per the needs and activities of the inhabitants.

open floor-plan interior design living dining room kitchen

open floor plan ideas modern home interior design

open floor plan contemporary home interior design living dining room

modern home interior design open floor plan natural materials

open floor plan bathroom contemporary home interior design

spectacular modern staircase glass stainless steel impressive wall decoration

There is no doubt that details and accents are of significant importance for every modern home interior. Spectacular lighting fixtures, glass or metal railings, modern art – all of these add to the overall vision and if you want to create a contemporary interior, you should not neglect them.

open floor plan kitchen dining living room modern lighting fixtures

modern home interior design accent chandelier wood steel

contemporary light fixtures focal point of modern interior design

Contemporary home interior design floor lamp white furniture large windows

contemporary home interior design white furniture minimalist style

We are all surrounded by modern technology. It has become a part of our daily life and computers, smart phones, large screen TVs have to be incorporated into the contemporary interior design. There are many designers’ solutions that blend technology into the interior in creative ways and combine electronics with organic materials.

contemporary home interior design and modern technology

Minimalist style living room modern interior tv wall

luxury living room tv wall white units modern carpet

Luxury family room with TV modern home interior white brown red accents

contemporary living room ideas neutral colors modern furniture

Despite the hectic lifestyle, the contemporary interior design has one major goal – to provide a comfortable and relaxing place for us where we can live, rest and enjoy time with family and friends. Modern minimalism, artistic eclecticism, romantic shabby chic or nostalgic vintage – the design should reflect your personality.

 contemporary home interior design ideas living room interior white furniture wall art

modern kitchen contemporary home interior design open floor plan

natural wood in modern bedroom interior design

modern bathroom design natural materials




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