Indoor Swings for Adults – An Eye Catching Element in Your Home Interior

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We are used to porch swings and garden swings, but how about indoor swings for adults? It may seem an extravagant idea to install a swing indoors, but this trend is gaining more and more popularity every day. Such an interesting solution can be an excellent decoration for your interior, as these pieces of furniture look very stylish, beautiful and unique.

Indoor Swings for Adults A Piece of Childhood in Your Home Interior

Indoor swings come in a huge variety of designs. In addition to classic models, there are many other options in all sorts of stylistic trends – from classic to minimalism, having various design features and fastening methods – from suspended to freestanding, made from a variety of materials – from wood to plastic.

Return to Childhood – Get Yourself a Real Indoor Swing!

living room design with indoor swing


A swing for a child is fun! However, indoor swings for adults are a gate to the past and memories of pleasant and bygone days, of a carefree time that you can, if not return, just remember. The latest interior trends bring back the fun of days past to adults with this simple device – a swing. They are perfect for creating an unusual homely atmosphere, for relaxing after a long day or for a much-needed weekend getaway. The decor of a room is literally transformed when you add a swinging piece of furniture to it.

Generally, depending on the method of their fastening, swings are suspended and freestanding. You need to hang lighter models from the ceiling, while large and solid models should have a supporting frame. A swing can make your home happier and your mood more joyful. Looking for a new romantic experience? Hang or install a swing in the house. Here you can drink a morning cup of coffee, take a nap in the afternoon, dream about the future.

Where to Install Your Indoor Swing?

Where to Install Your Indoor Swing

Indoor swings for adults can be hung in the living room, in the corridor and even in the bedroom, especially if you chose a model with a large base and several pillows. In the hallway, swings immediately set a sporty tone for the entire interior. In the living room, the swing will encourage your guests to have a pleasant conversation in a very relaxed atmosphere.

It is important to choose the right place for such a suspended swing, as not all types of ceilings are suitable. The main thing is safety! Remember that you can only mount a suspended swing if the ceiling has a solid concrete base in which to attach the mounting bracket. If you do not have the opportunity to fix the swing to the ceiling, you can buy a special floor fixture that has a hook to which the swing is attached.

Indoor Swings for Adults – An Eye Catching Element in Your Home Interior

Indoor Swings for Adults as an Element in Your Home Interior

Modern design changes daily and sometimes the most unusual elements, such as swings, come into the interior. The bubble chair is a real classic, for example. The cheerful mood that they create allowed them to become very popular and, most importantly, stylish design objects. Without any doubt, the advantages of indoor swings for adults are their functionality and originality. You can complement them with stylish textile and decorative pillows. Hanging swings come in a variety of designs and shapes, ranging from round and oval models to hammock-like chairs with a very unusual exotic shape.

Indoor swings for adults can be blended in almost any interior style and become a stylish design solution. Such a non-standard element looks harmoniously in modern interiors. For example, a swing will fit perfectly into a minimalist or Scandinavian style, as well as art deco and Boho. Industrial style is another suitable design for a room in which a swing is installed.

Wooden Indoor Swing with soft padding

When choosing an indoor swing for adults, you should pay attention to the material and fasteners. Choose a model made of high-quality material and with reliable fastening. It is best if the seat is made of lightweight, durable, environmentally friendly materials. The lighter the seat, the less chance of an accidental fall. It is very important to choose the right place for your swing as they can be quite impressive in size. If your room is not big enough, opt for a small-sized model which will not clutter the space.


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