Indoor water fountains – amazing interior water features for the home

Written by Kremena Ruseva

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Indoor water fountains are becoming increasingly popular as they are able to decorate the interior of any office, shop, hotel lounge, a private house or apartment. They are so interesting and unique that they become a focal point in any room. The sound of running water is soothing and peaceful and when combined with decorative lighting, an indoor fountain creates an amazing atmosphere of peace and tranquility. Until recently indoor water fountains were seen mostly in public areas – hotel lobbies, Spa studios, public or business buildings, but for the past decade these magnificent water features find their place in residential areas. From beautiful tabletop fountains to spectacular water curtains, designers and decorators present original ideas for indoors.

Enjoy the beneficial effects of natural elements

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For thousands of years people benefit from the energy of natural elements and the sound of running water, the dancing flames of fire, the freshness of open air have always been good for both physical and mental human health. The beneficial effects of waterfalls on the mental and emotional state of a person were known to the people of ancient China and water is a symbol of vital energy. In Feng Shui waterfalls symbolize wealth and eternal prosperity in the house and even if you are not acquainted with the principles and the philosophy of .Feng Shui, installing an indoor fountain is a mean to ensure the flow of money into it. Of course, you should avoid noisy waterfalls as they may ruin the balance of the harmony in the home.

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Decorative indoor water fountains perfectly blend in Asian style interiors, Japanese interiors, eco-style interiors and contemporary designs have their place in modern interiors. Tabletop fountains enjoy enormous popularity as they are compact and can be placed anywhere, come in a variety of designs and may feature abstract compositions, water cascades or mini architectural compositions. In terms of structure, almost all types of indoor water fountains have more or less the same structure and differ in size and appearance. The main elements of a fountain are a storage tank which contains the water, a pump which raises the water to a certain level and decorative elements which create the visual and stylistic impression. Some designs are equipped with modern LED lighting which add to the appearance of the composition by emphasizing individual elements.

Indoor water fountains types and their characteristics

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Indoor water fountains are divided into three main groups – wall mounted, floor and tabletop fountains and within each group you can find a variety of styles, shapes and sizes. When choosing an indoor water fountain you need to have a clear idea where you want to place it and what will be its main function.

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Wall mounted fountains are a spectacular feature in any home and the most popular type of indoor water fountains among customers. Usually, they have a rectangular shape and can be vertical or horizontal. They are installed easily, typically with brackets. The bottom and top panels are made of metal – copper or stainless steel – and the pump is located in the bottom panel which also contains the water. The surface can be glass, slate, marble, etc. An advantage is that wall mounted fountains do not take any valuable floor space and can be mounted on any type of wall as long as it is strong and in a good condition.

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Floor fountains are the classic type of fountains, which are used to see outdoors. Indoor floor fountains come in a variety of sizes – large, medium or small and operate in the same way as wall mounted designs and the difference is that they are placed on the floor. Floor fountains are a good choice for hallways, entryways, patios, large rooms as they require more space. They also come in numerous designs, a variety of styles and you can find a model to complement the style of your home. Floor fountains can be a spectacular focal point. They are easy to install and can operate right after installation. More dramatic designs feature glass or marble surfaces which are suitable for modern interiors.

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Tabletop fountains come in many styles and their main advantage is that they do not require any assembling or installation. They can be placed on a coffee table, side table, desk, and can be used immediately.

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Modern living room water feature

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