The splendor of dome skylights – spectacular ceiling decoration ideas

by Kremy

most amazing dome skylights home decor ideas stained glass

Many architects, designers and homeowners appreciate the advantages of roof apertures. We shall show you examples of amazing dome skylights which adorn the ceilings in residential buildings. Besides their main function– to provide natural light to the home – the domes and the beautiful crown molding ideas add a touch of grandeur to the interior design. Skylights allow 40% more light flow than a window of the same size, installed vertically on a wall which leads to reduced energy costs.

Dome skylights – classic structures and modern technology

modern home interior spectacular dome skylight home lighting ideas


Dome skylights are not unknown to architects but were mainly used in public areas, in industrial, commercial and office buildings. You can often see them in shopping malls or hotels, where there are grand atriums or enclosed spaces with a lack of lighting. In addition, a glass cupola can serve as a roof over a swimming pool or a winter garden. The shape is a traditional architectural feature and the biggest cathedrals have the most famous domes in the world. Nowadays the they are popular in homes where the aesthetic appeal plays a primary role and homeowners value the harmony and artistic interiors. They allow a person to see the sky above his head, while being in a comfortable room.

Dome skylights in modern and classic interiors

spectacular staircase dome skylight decorative skylight ideas

Despite the fact that the shape is traditional, dome skylights can be seen in modern and classic interiors. The ornate design of the glass immediately attracts the eyes of the visitors and the decorative appeal of the skylight is enormous. Custom designs add incredible lighting effects and uniqueness to the interior. In classic interiors the atmosphere of luxury and sophistication is enhanced by spectacular dome skylights. Modern homes also take advantage of this type of arches. However, function is before aesthetics and the design is more simple, yet attractive. Smaller or bigger, modern, minimalist or spectacularly decorated, there is no doubt, that dome skylights will always be one of the most spectacular features in any home.


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