Modern sunrooms – 25 ideas how to create an oasis at home

by Kremy

modern sunroom furniture ideas white sofa side table

Modern sunrooms are no longer a luxury. For many people, they are a necessity. Every citizen is dreaming of a cozy, warm sunroom, especially in the cold, cloudy days or in the winter frosts. Back in time a conservatory was a symbol of aristocratic luxury and life on a grand scale and could only be seen in the estates of wealthy aristocrats. In the last few decades, however, new building materials have made it possible and affordable for ordinary people to build a winter garden.

Modern sunrooms design ideas

modern sunroom house extension glass walls roof


Modern sunrooms are no longer premises with exotic plants. They are an extension of the house and will host the homeowners not only during cold winter days but all the time. Typically, most sunrooms have walls of glass. Of course plants need a lot of light, but on the other hand, homeowners can enjoy every bit of sunlight during winter. The truth is that the sunroom has changed its main purpose – to use it for growing plants – it has become a part of the living space and can be used for a place to relax, to dine with friends and family, or enjoy fantastic panorama views of Nature.

Modern sunrooms furniture ideas

sunroom interior design red sofa glass walls and roof

Once you have constructed your extension it is the time to make it a comfortable and welcoming place. Modern sunrooms should reflect your personality and, of course, their interior design and furniture should be matched with the overall interior design of the home. It is better to keep to natural materials like wood and stone as they have a great aesthetic appeal. Get some comfortable furniture – a small table and chairs, a set of armchairs, a sofa, but make sure you do not clutter the sunroom. Consider the cooling during summer period. Bladeless ceiling fans are an innovative and modern way to cool your sunroom. Look at the gallery below and get inspired for your own sunroom!

sunroom furniture ideas ottoman armchairs dining area

 A modern house extension

sunroom design ideas sunroom furniture white armchair plants


 Elegant sunroom with a grand piano

Sunroom design ideas music room grand piano armchairs

 Comfortable furniture

Modern sunrooms interior sofa coffee table dining area

 Elegant and stylish design

modern sunrooms interior design ideas striped armchairs ottoman

 Maximum use of available living space

modern sunrooms interior design ideas sofa side table

 Fresh color accents in the interior

Modern sunrooms ideas glass walls sectional sofa

 Stylish sunroom with modern fireplace

modern sunrooms house extension seating area fireplace

white sunroom design wooden floor red white sofa armchair

modern sunrooms house extension outdoor furniture

Modern sunrooms ideas home decor ideas contemporary furniture

modern sunrooms design modern furniture sofa sets contemporary coffee table

 design small sunroom furniture ideas armchairs side table

 design cozy furniture family room ideas

modern sunroom interior design plants sofa chandelier

modern sunroom furniture ideas small sunroom furniture

modern sunroom design glass walls contemporary furniture

sunroom decorating ideas ideas sofa cofee table decorative pillows

lovely sunroom white furniture sofa armchairs

kitchen design with sunroom extension contemporary home ideas

elegant modern sunroom design furniture ideas white sofas glass tables

awesome sunrooms ideas red carpet black dining furniture set




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