60 spectacular kidney shaped swimming pools for your patio

by Kremy

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Once you have decided to build an outdoor swimming pool you will be faced with some important decisions – above ground or inground, shape, construction cost, maintenance cost, etc. Modern design has changed during the last years and now you may choose from many shapes which replaced the traditional rectangular pool that was standard until not long ago. One of the most popular and attractive designs feature kidney shaped swimming pools and we have collected 60 spectacular images to inspire you.

Kidney shaped swimming pools – curious facts

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Perhaps you did not know that the first kidney shaped swimming pool is designed by landscape architect Thomas Church in 1948 for the Donnell family’s modern home in Sonoma, California. Until that time, most structures were rectangular in shape, for a purely lap-swimming experience. The unusual design of Thomas Church was photographed for many magazines and the kidney shaped swimming pool became a very popular choice for homeowners. The great popularity of this design is due to the fact that swimming pool fit perfectly in any kind of yard and in any environment. A Mediterranean patio design, an exotic garden, or surrounded by lush vegetation, bean shaped pools are an attractive focal point.

Kidney shaped swimming pools design

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Certain forms better complement the surrounding landscape or structures. When the pool is close to the house, it should complement its architecture. To do this, use the types of pools with more formal lines, such as rectangular or oval shapes that fit the silhouette of the house. Swimming pools, which are located in the yard can take a free-form, which looks more natural and blends harmoniously into the landscape. By definition the kidney shaped swimming pool is described as “a general shape of a long oval indented at one side”. One of the reasons for being so popular is the more natural shape. The usual design features a placement of shallow end and a deep end for swimmers. Another reason for the popularity of the kidney shaped pools is that, despite their irregular shape, they allow a spa to be added, usually in the indented area which makes it even more attractive in appearance and comfort. Additional greenery, shrubs, decks and overall landscaping add accents to the natural shape of the structure and transform the patio into an oasis.

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There are some very important things to consider beforehand when building a swimming pool. One of the most important is, of course, the budget. It will determine the design, the shape, the levels, and various customizations – whether you will have a spa area, a spring board, a slide, waterfalls, steps or side chairs in the shallow end, a mural painted into the plaster at the bottom. The material is also quite significant – concrete, vinyl or fiberglass. Fiberglass pools offer less design choices as they are prefabricated in factories and delivered to the customers ready to be placed in the excavated hole in your backyard. Concrete and vinyl ones provide much broader choices and they can be built with the exact shape and dimensions that suit you. Moreover they can be customized as much as you like.

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Just like any other shape, a kidney shaped swimming pool requires maintenance and it is necessary to keep chemicals to reduce bacteria and algae growth. There are many which you should discuss with your builder. There are various kidney shaped pool covers – rigid covers, solar covers which are more popular as “bubbles” and homeowners do not need a professional to install this type of cover. It can be cut to the size and shape of the basin with ordinary household scissors. Safety nets, leaf covers, winter or shutdown covers generally need to be made as per the size of the pool and it is recommended to get a professional.


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