Garden swimming pool – Tips for pool cleaning and maintenance

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If you have a swimming pool in the garden, or are planning to have one – we will give you helpful tips for pool cleaning and maintenance.

Pool cleaning and maintenance – filter change

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For pool cleaning and maintenance, the water pump is particularly important – it ensures water movement. The pump needs regular maintenance – usually it is sold with a booklet where the service times are noted. Ask the seller for the safety and keep all appointments. The filters clean the water. The important thing is that cartridge filters and sand filters are changed regularly. You still need to ensure that you get a vacuum cleaning, so you can clean the pool in summer and in winter.

Practical tips

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Some tips for pool cleaning and maintenance – the stairs can be cleaned with a hand brush. In the middle of summer, it often happens that dirt is collected on the water’s edge. So it is recommended to remove it regularly with a detergent. Other practical equipment that you need – a thermometer, possibly solar panels that can heat the water in the colder days, and last but not least – a blanket, which protects it not only in winter but also in rainy days.

Pool cleaning and maintenance – detergents

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For good pool cleaning and maintenance, water must be tested regularly. This is particularly important because if the values vary from the standard, it can cause red eyes, and itching. Moreover, it is harmful to the pump, and the accessories. The detergents that are offered on the market, provide regulation of the PH levels, prevent from algae and remove turbidity.

Garden swimming pool cleaning and maintenance garden pond ideas

Effective cleaning and maintenance are a must all year long, not just in the summer. If you want it to be open for the summer, you should first remove the cover, then remove the antifreeze from the tubes, fill with water and add a detergent. To prepare it for the winter, you have to empty it and the tubes of water, add an antifreeze and cover with a blanket.

Garden swimming pool spa area

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Pool winter maintenance cleaning

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