Stylish and elegant frameless cabinets in contemporary kitchen designs

by Kremy

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What exactly are frameless cabinets? As the name implies frameless cabinets have no face frame. This type of construction is also known as “European” or “Full-Access” and has become popular for their simple and contemporary cabinet designs.

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Frameless cabinetry offers a better access to anything in the cabinets due to the lack of the face frame.

How to recognize the frameless cabinets construction?

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Frameless cabinets have minimal space between the doors and drawers and allow maximum use of the storage and drawer space. Usually, the doors cover the entire front of the cabinet box, forming a continuous overlap.

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These cabinets usually have a solid top and back and the base units sit on a separate plinth. The doors are attached with hinges directly to the sides of the cabinet box.

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Most frameless cabinets are made of recycled wood (plywood, chipboard or MDF) and finished with laminate or wood veneer. The construction style allows a great flexibility in design.

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Frameless kitchen cabinets can feature more traditional designs but they look absolutely stunning in contemporary styled kitchens.

 Pros and cons of frameless cabinets

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When choosing the style and design of your kitchen cabinets, you need to know the advantages of frameless cabinets.

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This will help you understand why so many manufacturers introduce this style of kitchen furniture to the market and why it is so popular in modern interior designs.

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Frameless cabinets are very easy to install.

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Kitchen cabinets with frameless construction provide easier access to the items inside and more storage space. They haven’t got a center stile in the middle of the two cabinet doors.

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Drawers are also larger because of the lack of a face frame which leads to saving useful space.

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The visual aesthetics of the frameless cabinets is strikingly beautiful. The sleek contemporary appearance features a seamless look with simple straight lines.

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