DIY planters and flower pots – ideas and instructions

by Kremy


DIY planters and flower pots cute decoration doilies lace

Spring is just around the corner and we have decided to show you some creative craft ideas. This time it’s about ideas for DIY planters and flower pots ideas and instructions. Old wooden crates, cement, tin cans, modeling … inexpensive materials and a little creativity create real miracles.

DIY hanging flower pots ideas wood squares ropes


DIY planters and flower pots ideas are easy to craft. With shelves full of plants, it is difficult to find space for the newly purchased plants. Think vertically and you can build this simple structure. You just need a bit of scrap wood, rope and a few basic tools for woodworking. This system also makes watering a breeze, as the water drips from the top down. The only thing you need to do is to put a small bowl on the ground.

DIY planters and flower pots ideas concrete blocks

Explore the fantastic DIY planters and flower pots ideas to find the one that suits you best. Arrange cinder blocks in an empty corner on the terrace or on the balcony, add some color, and you will have a colorful planter with an interesting design.

DIY mini plant pot modeling clay

DIY miniature flower pot craft ideas instructions

cut mini flower pot plant modeling clay tutorial

DIY planters and flower pots mini flower pot modeling clay manual

DIY planters and flower pots modeling clay hanging planter

It is undeniable that these tiny flower pots with mini-plants are cuter than the larger ones. They are also super comfortable because they fit almost anywhere, and many of them can be made even if you have more space. You can paint the hardening modeling clay and decorate it nicely, or keep this simple look in white.

DIY planters and flower pot ideas mini planters

The miniature theme is continued here. These sweet flower pots are also a perfect gift idea for Mother’s Day. Here the modeling is cut according to template and then glued together.

DIY flowerpots modeling clay cut tutorial

planters and pots ideas manual modeling clay

DIY planters and flower pots ideas tutorial pictures

how to make flower pots planters tutorial

Pots idea manual modeling clay

DIY planters and flower pots ideas old wooden case whiskey

The old whiskey wooden boxes can turn into planters for the garden easily. The slatted floor is awesome for drainage, but the potting soil can fall through. To avoid this problem, place a piece of sacking.

DIY planters and flower pots ideas juice cups concrete

DIY plantersut and flower pots ideas old packaging

craft ideas planters concrete form old packaging

planters pots concrete instructions plastic packaging

This eco-cement planters are also suitable for gifts. They are simple, stylish and adorable. Each pot is unique and has a natural, handmade appearance. The most interesting thing here is that old packages have been used as forms. Do not forget to make holes for drainage.

creative craft idea color flowerpot

how to make planters and pots ideas

pots and square mirrors craft idea manual

DIY planters and flower pots square mirrors

These decorative square mirror can also be found in potpourri. They create a beautiful effect by reflecting sunlight.

Pots ideas tin cans stickers

This is certainly the easiest idea as tin cans find their use everywhere. Decorate the outside with wrapping paper or wallpaper remnants and you’re ready!

tin cans color pots ideas DIY garden decoration

old bags pots craft idea garden decoration

mini pots creative ideas muffin form

homemade planters and kitchen teapots colored

pots shell mini crafts

creative craft ideas diskettes

DIY flower pot chandelier creative crafts idea

DIY craft ideas old desk paint drawers planters

planters and painted tins spring decor

planters and glass jar hanging planters

planters and creative craft ideas glass jar planter

hanging planter upcycling ideas home decor ideas

 planters and ideas wood


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